What is EPF? How to Know EPF Balance online?

What is EPF? How to Know EPF Balance online?

There will be plenty of Employees out there like me who either are not interested to know about EPF or are not aware what is EPF and why it has been deducted from our salary. What are the advantages to contributing towards Employee Provident Fund?

What is EPF?

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is implemented by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) of India. Typically 12% of the Basic, DA, and cash value of food allowances has to be contributed to the EPF account.

How EPF is Calculated – with Example?

Employees drawing basic salary upto Rs 6500/- have to compulsory contribute to the Provident fund and employees drawing above Rs 6501/- have an option to become member of the Provident Fund. It is beneficial for employees who draw salary above Rs 6501/- to become member of Provident Fund as it is deducted from the salary before it is deposited on bank or given hence compulsorily saving happens. Employee’s contribution is matched by Employer’s contribution(till 12%) so extra money and it is helpful for tax purpose too. The employer contribution is exempt from tax and employee’s contribution is taxable but eligible for deduction under section 80C of Income tax Act.

How to Know EPF Balance online?

  1. Go to http://members.epfoservices.in/index.php and Register an new account by clicking on “Click here to register
  2. Carefully  enter  * Compulsory Fields like Mobile Number, Date of birth, Select any one document and enter Number as on document; choose this document number wisely and the choose the one which you can remember easily as it will be required each time you logged in to your account. You should enter your name as on document (First Name + Last Name) and finally your working e-mail address.
  3. Enter Captcha as shown in the image (Please type the characters shown in the text box (case-sensitive)
  4. Click on GET PIN button and you will receive one SMS on your mobile containing Authorization PIN, which you supposed to enter before submitting the details.
  5. Read Disclaimer and click on I Agree check box and then click on Submit button.
  6. Now after successfully registration you need to log in using the details you have provided earlier.
  7. From Menu – Click on DOWNLOAD E PASSBOOK Link (http://members.epfoservices.in/choose_ofc_details_mpb.php)
  1. Select the state where your establishment is covered.
  2. Select Office Name from the list (you can refer your salary slip to know which office to select, as your PF Account number is combination of Region Code/Office Code/Account Number
  3. After selecting office you will be asked to Enter your Account number, again this is available with you on your Pay Slip (Salary Slip)
  4. Enter Name as on PF Slip and Enter Captcha and click on GET PIN
  5. Enter the new received Authorization PIN and click on Get Detail.
  6. You will see a message “Sorry. Your e-Passbook is not available at present on the member portal. The same needs to be generated by the Regional Office/ Sub-Regional Office concerned. You can request for your e-passbook by clicking the button below.
  7. Click on “Send request to get your e-Passbook” button and click on OK to confirm, you will see another message “Your e-Passbook request has been accepted. You shall be intimated on SMS when the same is available. You can check back after 3 days.”

Note: At any point in time if you get an error like “You have entered invalid Member ID or Name”; it’s because you have entered incorrect details either in Account Number or Name or you chose wrong Office Name. Correct the details and try again.