Received from my friend from Mumbai. Sounds logical…

Received from my friend from Mumbai. Sounds logical…

Dear friends

” We give only food and water to beggars, but not a single rupee. ”

The campaign for a particular kind of social revival began in Mumbai. That is,” Not to give cash to any kind of beggars. ”

This is a right perception.

As part of this social renaissance campaign, everybody there took a vow that
” From now on, we will not give a single Rupee other than food and water to beggars of all kinds (women / men / elderly / disabled / children)

The benefit of this is that the income of Begging Mafias will decline. Thus,
The crime of child abduction and will naturally decrease.
Often, the Begging Mafia , to entice empathy among potential contributors, the limbs of the abducted kids are amputated or they are disfigured with acid. Sometimes blood vessels are stitched to block blood supply to parts of the body, bringing about gangrene.
If you approve of this campaign, forward this post and swear that you will no longer be offering cash except food and water and join this renaissance.

Anatomy of a new scam. Don’t fall prey to this

Anatomy of a new scam. Don’t fall prey to this

1. You get a call saying ur PayTm (or any other wallet/bank) KYC is invalid
2. Caller says u can do it online in 2 min and ur wallet will be active again
3. Says give guide u
All ok till now. Now the scam begins
4. Says u need to just transfer Rs. 1 to ur PayTm wallet/UPI etc
5. Tells u to download an app like QuickSupport (perfectly legit app for support)
But this is where they take control of ur phone.
Now sitting in Ghaziabad he has complete view of ur phone screen.
6. As he guides to transfer Rs. 1, they are also simultaneously initiating txns of larger amounts from ur bank
7. U get multiple OTPs & they have access to them as they have control ur phone
8. U think u r transferring Re. 1. In reality, multiple txns are being initiated
9. By the time the caller ends the call, your bank account is swiped clean
10. Multiple txns with IMPS/UPI etc have been initiated
11. All this happens in 5 min before u realise the damage