Dear private employees!!!!

Dear private employees!!!!
Be alert…
It may be a hardcore recession this time, which already spreads it’s poison in the economy of India. Almost 13.67 percent fall in overall economic marker is recorded. Foreign exchange, repo rate is also indicating that crisis has started. Already 17 Lakh employees lost job in last quarter. Prepare and get ready for the bad times…
You can follow these steps-
1. Try to minimise extra expenses
2. Try to avoid big buying in next 6months
3. Avoid investment now, nobody knows SIP and trading will bring what amount of loss,since all are dependent on the recovery.
4. Don’t buy gold now, the price is likely to fall from December
5. Mediocre people, small business will suffer the most, so make your budget tight.
6. Online purchase can be risky, since sites are already in loss.
7. Convert / consume all your digital money( Paytm,Gpay etcetc) into physical fund.
8. Prioritise your family expenses.Try to close all EMI’s.
Don’t purchase new flat with home loans…
9. Stay alert – snatching on roads,robbery will increase from coming festive season.
10. Try to cumulate at least your 6 month expenses from now on. The situation may be worse from November, December 2019. It may persist till mid of 2020.