Pamban bridge, Rameswaram

The Pamban Bridge also called Indira Gandhi Bridge lies on the Indian end of the Palk Strait that connects Pamban island to mainland India. It actually refers to both the road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge, though primarily it means the latter. It is the longest sea bridge in India at a length of nearly 2.3 km (2345 meters) and stands as a fine example of Indian architecture. The bridge was constructed with sufficient elevation and a beautiful scenery of the sea, adjoining Islands and parallel rail bridge below can be viewed from the bridge.

The openable part of the railway bridge (called movable bridge in Civil Engineering terms) is in existence since 1911 and still it is functioning quiet well. It carries meter gauge trains on it, however, recently the Indian Railways are in the process of upgrade it to carry broad gauge trains. Structural Engineering Research Centre, Chennai – a premier national research laboratory in India, is handling this task.

A walk on the bridge is an exhilarating experience. At times the breeze could be strong. The view of the distant sea and the string of islands on the left of Pamban island is simply breathtaking. Though the bridge is a stunning structure, the entrance to the bridge from both the Mandapam and Pamban sides do not do justice to this impressive landmark.