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‘Perform or Perish’ Chinese Style – Who Pays for the Fiasco?

The events are yet to run the full course, but the writing is there on the wall for all to see.

It is an unmitigated fiasco for China. So much for the planning and execution skills of the much vaunted brightest, most experienced and best talent of Chinese Military.

The war aims of the Chinese military operations lie scattered on the rock and shale bed of Galwan River Valley. The aura of invincibility so assiduously cultivated over decades by the Chinese propaganda machine has been broken. Their dreams of world domination have been set back at least by five decades.

The best Chinese Generals, frontline troops backed by their much vaunted mechanised forces with latest weapons and spearheaded by their super hyped special forces have been stymied by the aroused passions of a few good men from the remote interiors of Bihar.


The stakes are highest for thier senior leadership. Its their neck or banishment with family to the infamous Chinese re-education institutes in its remote interiors.

The knives are already out for Xi Jinping, The Chinese President for Life. Whether he pays for his ‘crimes against the people’ with his life or will be lucky to escape with banishment, like his father, or saves himself by sacrificing suitable scapegoats, will be determined by the internal dynamics of Chinese Communist Party power play.

His loyal Generals will meet the fate destined for Xi Jinping.

General Zhao Zongqi and his ‘Jinan Cliché’ also await an uncertain future, depending whether the faction they ally with, wins or loses in the Chinese Communist Party sweep stakes.

In the short term, the fiasco is bound to be attributed, and the experienced and unaligned Generals are the obvious scapegoats.

Which General disappears from sight, will be most keenly watched the world over as an advance indicator of the shape of the future of the Chinese Communist Party and the new rulers of China.

But for the middle leadership and rank and file of the Chinese Military, the fate is crystal clear.

43 acknowledged Chinese troops have paid with their life. Being the sole bread earners of their family, it is the latter which shall continue to pay for the rest of their miserable life.

The unacknowledged fatalities shall most probably face the ignominy of being declared deserters and face oblivion even in death, with their families destined to disappear forever in the rehabilitation farms as slave labour.

The Political Commissars at all levels shall have a field day in running personal vendettas, strengthening their stranglehold over their ‘Political Command’ by sentencing their perceived opponents for crimes against the state and terminating bright military careers at will.

No wonder 80 % military conscripts lack the will to fight in the Chinese Military, be it the frontline troops, well equipped mechanised forces or elite Special Forces.

As the free world closes ranks and launches concerted action to economically punish the Chinese State for the Wuhan Conspiracy, it shall be the millions and millions of Chinese proletariat which shall pay the cost.

And that by itself is likely to give impetus to centrifugal forces, bringing Chinese history full circle.

As for the catalysts of this sequence of events, the ‘Few Good Men from Bihar’; will they be able to claim the most powerful scalp in the world, that of the Chinese President for Life, will be clear by the time the October festival season kicks in India.

The question at this juncture which the Chinese proletariat or even their deep state needs to answer is, “Do they deserve the leaders they are saddled with? Or do they take matters into their own hands!”

One thing is crystal clear, with their very life at stake, its unlikely that the current controlling interests within China will permit a quick solution to the India China faceoff! No matter the cost that the country pays!!!

our children worked in IT sector in metropolitan

Sir, So far our children worked in IT sector in metropolitan and we moved there with them. So as IT sector developed, Skyscraper residence mushroomed in OMR, ECR, Coimbade, Uragadam in Chennai.

But now we have to realise that , apart from necessary cases , our children did the big mistake of purchasing flats for 50 lakhs to 1.25 crores by bank loans. They dreamed “going by costly cars, joining their children in international schools, frequent foreign trips, best medical treatment luxurious life etc..”

But whole thing changed upside down from last March end and city migrated people’s lives are slowly becoming miserable. We never thought, coming from Chennai to our native would be so difficult. It is worry some to note Chennai residents are not welcome in remaining parts of Tamilnadu.

Cities are not attractive anymore. Starting from “google” “facebook” to TCS etc have switched over to “work from home” concept and 75% staff are instructed to work from home.

Major immediate impact is IT giants have started to vacate costly rented buildings at Siruseri, Solinganallur, OMR, Porur DLF and Mahendra city IT parks. They have planned to open “Supervising hubs” (controlling offices) in small buildings in Coimbatore, Truchi and Madurai. 75 to 90% staff are going to work from own natives. So imagine the fate of skyscrapers in Chennai.(!). They will get no resale /rent value by 2021.

Next major change being made silently by NASSCOM (with +2800 IT and related company members in india) have approached Central /State Govts to

i) amend or abolish major ( 75%)portion of Labour laws to suit IT sector “work from home” . Central Govt has given consent in the last week of May 2020 itself and advised NASSCOM to give blue print of amendment in Labour laws

ii) to amend Income tax Act to include expenses by Employer/Employee incurred at home, amendment to cover insurance for working from home.

So it is a matter of time before Acts/Laws are amended. So “Work from home” has come to stay. So no more necessity for IT people to stay at Metropolitan cities.

Next major impact is gradual disappearance of dependent industries of IT sector . Service industries like high/medium class hotels/motels/spas, major entertainment malls , rental buildings, call taxis, auto service. For example about 10000 call taxis and 25000 share autos are plying to carry IT people daily. My friend from Australia who established Australian restaurants called “Australian Pie” at IT campus of Navallur and DLF with investment of about 1.5 crores not earning single rupee since March end. In each centre, about 50 international restaurants like Mackdonnel, Paprika,etc kept closed for months which may not reopen for ever(!)

Next shock comes at social level. “Foreign Bride grooms” are not attractive any more. When world “job recession” shows out in full scale, job of those employed abroad will face uncertainty and may loss jobs.

As such,

i) with all advanced medical facilities being available all over Tamil Nadu,

ii) online classes coming to our grand children ,

iii) and emerging “work from home” concept,

it is high time to rethink whether it is necessary to settle in cities except for those who have unavoidable reasons.

I believe our Army can defeat any other Army.

I believe our Army can defeat any other Army.

But not our own Facebook warriors and WhatsApp soldiers fighting against us from within.

I am forwarding a message from a serving soldier:-

“Buddies, plz read b4 u delete & Honor wat our successors request us to do👇
From all ranks of the Army:

Our combined request to the public and the veterans alike. Please let us do our job. Be rest assured, we will lay down our lives without batting an eyelid, if defending the country requires that. But please avoid reasoning every move we make and everything that we do in the battlefield. If there’s anything you can do for us, it is just to be appreciative of what we are doing and give strength to our dear ones left behind at home through your words and if possible through your deeds, we will appreciate that a lot. If that is not possible, we will still be happy, if you avoid trying to analyse 24/7, every move we make or don’t make, why we fired or didn’t etc.

By the way while confronting the enemy in the battlefield, we are under no political policy compulsions and we don’t look for any political instructions. Our competent commanders on the spot gives instructions it. They are very competent, care for us, rub shoulders with us. We look up to them. So, we request you, our countrymen, countrywomen, and our veterans, to kindly avoid analysing our minute to minute actions that too in public – what we do, what we don’t do , why we do etc. please let us concentrate on our job feeling confident that regardless of what we do, you are behind us and we can take that for granted. If you are divided, it could shake our confidence, because, your unity, trust, support and belief gives us greater strength than our weapons.

Trust us, we don’t hide facts, but we certainly hold back operationally sensitive information which could help the enemy. In return, we give you the promise of guarding our borders with our life. Not asking for too much, we hope.

We salute you and salute our tri-colour, the two most precious things that we value most.
..Jai Hind”

All ranks Indian Army