A healthy body is a sign of healthy mind.

A healthy body is a sign of healthy mind.
to know how healthy you are, just look at your toe/finger nails…

if the nail is thick, brittle, fungal infected, easily broken… these are few signs that indicates your eating habit isn’t right and there are vitamin deficiencies.

It’s not what size you are that matters, its how healthy and fit you are and how well you look after yourself that matters.

Trust me you don’t have to spend any money on buying weight reduction stuffs, nor give up on what you eat.

Few tips:
1) Eat whatever you like but in small portions only.
2) Include raw veggies/fruits at least one a day.
3) Drink loads of water and limit tea/coffee to 2cups a day.
4) A brisk half hour walk or breathing exercise each day.
5) Include raw nuts like almond, walnut, pecan for snacking.(NOT SALTED)
6) Do treat yourself with cakes/cookies/chocolates but in tiny portion.
7) Have your dinner early and try not to snack late night.
8) get enough sleep.
9) Try to cut down on alcohol.
10) avoid buying “FAT FREE” “SUGAR FREE” “MARGARINE” stuffs,… Always read the labels and if you find loads of chemical names in it.. DON’T BUY THAT STUFF.

It did take a while for me to agree to all the above points, but I am trying my best to follow on healthy eating and living.

I’m sure many of you know this, but I still wanted to share it, Hope it helps.