The Horses of the Night

The Horses of the Night

The steeds of the night pass on
routing, rampaging,
snorting, stamping,
cavorting, cantering,
they pass on.

The forests of the night
wake and wonder
shake and shiver
quake and quiver
as they pass on.

The earth waits in terror
as they sprint and spring
trot and trample
stomp and stampede
as they pass on.

Our dreams in REM
toss and turn
burst and burn
whir and whirl
as they pass on.

The steeds of the night
gallop apace
gallantly in grace
sailing in space
they pass on.

Black stallions of the night
cut a curve and veer in flight.
Golden steeds of the dawn
outride swift the rosy morn,
as they pass on.

(*From Latin Expression ‘Noctis Equi’)