Indian Youth can Bring Change in India –

India needs you, India needs youth, your strength, and your idealism, to make right what is wrong , to Eradicate corruption from India and to bring a positive change in India.
Often on many occasions we Indians criticize our own Motherland for its disadvantages and attitude of Indian Public.And we Indians criticize our governments for all these so called mishaps and chaos that India is being over-shadowed with,but forgetting the fact that we Indians are the ones who elected them to lead us. Strange world sometimes.. right??

We are the present youth of India and we have the power to change the country more than any government. If this happens, the change along with the impact would be a massive. Earlier the question used to be ‘what can the country do for us?’ but at present age the question should churn as ‘what can we do for our country?

I do realize it’s so easy to write but tough and perhaps dangerous to bring ourselves to action. But if a magazine or a movie like ‘Rang De Basanti’ could awaken me then so can I rouse my friends who read the post. When you read it, I want you to realize that you are today’s Indian youth and you have the immense power to change and dawn our country to new beginnings. I am not talking about going up to the streets and protesting for a change. As a matter of fact I myself haven’t got a clue of how to bring about this change.

Changes start with ideas.Coming straight to the point buddies-lets imagine ourselves to be THE PRIME MINISTER of INDIA. Thinking from that point of view just speak out how you will try to make INDIA a better country!!! How we can bring about changes!!!

I know this might not be considered as a realistic venture by many of you.You may even think this to be a silly, impractical idea. But guys who knows… Someday anyone could get inspired by your suggestions.And who knows..what if we succeed to bring these small suggestions of ours to a big stage where at least some sensible people among the authorities notice it!!??? Hope is too small a word but with huge consequences when they come true.