The Central Government has launched an excellent consulting scheme for senior citizens and all other citizens.
Elderly people, especially those with high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., don’t rush to the hospital for OPD. They seek treatment at home for minor ailments like headaches, physical pain, and are not ready to go to the hospital.
You can now access consultancy and treatment on Google Chrome via the link below. Note:

  1. Select patient registration.
  2. Type your mobile number. Type OTP on mobile for registration.
  3. Enter patient details and district. Now, you will connect with the doctor online. After that, you can consult a doctor for any of your health problems through the video. The doctor will prescribe the medicine online. You can take the medicine by showing it in the medical pharmacy shop.
    This service is completely free.
    You can use this service every day from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm, including Sunday.
    Please send this to senior citizens in your contact list.
    This is the Central Government website:
    https: //…
    Guys this is a fantastic step for senior citizens….
    Please take advantage & Forward it to All Senior Citizens You know.



1) Krishna was born 5048 years ago
2) Date of Birth : 18 th July,3228 B.C
3) Month : Shravan
4) Day : Ashtami
5) Nakshatra : Rohini
6) Day : Wednesday
7) Time : 00:00 A.M.
8) Shri Krishna lived 125 years, 08 months & 07 days.
9) Date of Death : 18th February 3102BC.
10) When Krishna was 89 years old ; the mega war (Kurukshetra) took place.
11) He died 36 years after the Kurukshetra war.
12) Kurukshetra War started on Mrigashira Shukla Ekadashi,BC 3139. i.e “8th December 3139BC” and ended on “25th December, 3139BC”.
12) There was a Solar eclipse between “3p.m to 5p.m on 21st December, 3139BC” ; cause of Jayadrath’s death.
13) Bhishma died on 2nd February,(First Ekadasi of the Uttarayana), in 3138 B.C.
14) Krishna is worshipped as:
(a)Krishna Kanhaiyya : Mathura
(b) Jagannath:- In Odisha
(c) Vithoba:- In Maharashtra
(d) Srinath: In Rajasthan
(e) Dwarakadheesh: In Gujarat
(f) Ranchhod: In Gujarat
(g) Krishna : Udipi, Karnataka
15) Bilological Father: Vasudeva
16) Biological Mother: Devaki
17) Adopted Father:- Nanda
18) Adopted Mother: Yashoda
19 Elder Brother: Balaram
20) Sister: Subhadra
21) Birth Place: Mathura
22) Wives: Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra, Lakshmana
23) Krishna is reported to have Killed only 4 people in his life time.
(i) Chanoora ; the Wrestler
(ii) Kamsa ; his maternal uncle
(iii) & (iv) Shishupaala and Dantavakra ; his cousins.
24) Life was not fair to him at all. His mother was from Ugra clan, and Father from Yadava clan, inter-racial marriage.
25) He was born dark skinned. He was not named at all throughout his life. The whole village of Gokul started calling him the black one ; Kanha. He was ridiculed and teased for being black, short and adopted too. His childhood was wrought with life threatening situations.
26) ‘Drought’ and “threat of wild wolves” made them shift from ‘Gokul’ to ‘Vrindavan’ at the age 9.
27) He stayed in Vrindavan till 14~16 years. He killed his own uncle at the age of 14~16 years at Mathura.He then released his biological mother and father.
28) He never returned to Vrindavan ever again.
29) He had to migrate to Dwaraka from Mathura due to threat of a Sindhu King ; Kala Yaavana.
30) He defeated ‘Jarasandha’ with the help of ‘Vainatheya’ Tribes on Gomantaka hill (now Goa).
31) He rebuilt Dwaraka.
32) He then left to Sandipani’s Ashram in Ujjain to start his schooling at age 16~18.
33) He had to fight the pirates from Afrika and rescue his teachers son ; Punardatta; who was kidnapped near Prabhasa ; a sea port in Gujarat.
34) After his education, he came to know about his cousins fate of Vanvas. He came to their rescue in ”Wax house” and later his cousins got married to Draupadi. His role was immense in this saga.
35) Then, he helped his cousins establish Indraprastha and their Kingdom.
36) He saved Draupadi from embarrassment.
37) He stood by his cousins during their exile.
38) He stood by them and made them win the Kurushetra war.
39) He saw his cherished city, Dwaraka washed away.
40) He was killed by a hunter (Jara by name) in nearby forest.
41) He never did any miracles. His life was not a successful one. There was not a single moment when he was at peace throughout his life. At every turn, he had challenges and even more bigger challenges.
42) He faced everything and everyone with a sense of responsibility and yet remained unattached.
43) He is the only person, who knew the past and probably future ; yet he lived at that present moment always.
44) He and his life is truly *an example for every human being.

🙏Jai shri krishna*🌷🙏🏻

For people over 60 years old

For people over 60 years old

By: Arnaldo Liechtenstein, physician.

Whenever I teach clinical medicine to students in the fourth year of medicine, I ask the following question:

What are the causes of mental confusion in the elderly?

Some offer: “Tumors in the head”. I answer: No!

Others suggest: “Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s”.
I answer again: No!

With each rejection of their answers, their responses dry up.

And they are even more open-mouthed when I list the three most common causes:

  1. Uncontrolled diabetes
  2. Urinary infection
  3. Dehydration

It may sound like a joke, but it isn’t.

People over 60 constantly stop feeling thirsty and consequently stop drinking fluids.

When no one is around to remind them to drink fluids, they quickly dehydrate. Dehydration is severe and affects the entire body. It may cause abrupt mental confusion, a drop in blood pressure, increased heart palpitations, angina (chest pain), coma and even death.

This habit of forgetting to drink fluids begins at age 60, when we have just over 50% of the water we should have in our bodies.

People over 60 have a lower water reserve. This is part of the natural aging process.

But there are more complications. Although they are dehydrated, they don’t feel like drinking water, because their internal balance mechanisms don’t work very well.


People over 60 years old dehydrate easily, not only because they have a smaller water supply, but also because they do not feel the lack of water in the body.

Although people over 60 may look healthy, the performance of reactions and chemical functions can damage their entire body.

So here are two alerts:

  1. Get into the habit of drinking liquids. Liquids include water, juices, teas, coconut water, milk, soups,and water-rich fruits, such as watermelon, melon, peaches and pineapple. Orange and tangerine also work. The important thing is that, every two hours, you must drink some liquid.
    Remember this!

2) Alert for family members: Constantly offer fluids to people over 60. At the same time, observe them.

If you realize that they are rejecting liquids and, from one day to the next, they are irritable, breathless or display a lack of attention, these are almost certainly recurrent symptoms of dehydration.

Arnaldo Liechtenstein (46), physician, is a general practitioner at Hospital das Clínicas and a collaborating professor in the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (USP).

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For people over 60 years old.