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Do you eat chat, pani-puri, vegetable salads etc.? Then please read this.

Taenia solium or the pork tapeworm is a parasite commonly found in India. It is transmitted from poorly cooked (measly) pork to man. The infected person passes eggs in a large quantity in his/her stools.

There is a misconception about this parasite in many, including qualified medical practitioners that the parasite does not infect vegetarians. The eggs of this parasite are infective to man. We swallow the eggs through vegetables or water contaminated by human feces. Open air defecation and use of manure prepared of human feces are common sources of these eggs. One person may excrete more than 2,00,000 (two lakh) ova per day.

Vegetarians thus get the infection through inadequately washed vegetables. In fact, it is not possible to wash away all the eggs from vegetables as they are sticky. A trivial contamination may contain several thousand eggs.

The eggs hatch in the stomach and embryos penetrates the gut wall and enter the blood stream. They settle in various tissues and develop in larval forms called Cysticercus cellulosae. This tissue phase is treatable. But one condition cannot be treated at all – the cysticercus meningitis. The patient always succumbs to it. I have seen at least 5 cases in last five years and patients could not be saved. One was our own student here. Pure vegetarian!

It is not possible to avoid egg entry to our stomach. We consume so many green leafy vegetables, salads, coriander etc. in Pani-Puri and Chat that is often unhygienic and uncooked. The only way to prevent cysticercosis is Albendazole 800 mg stat after fatty meal, every 6 months (Yes 800 mg. This is not a typographic mistake). This aborts the development of tissue phase.

Start the prophylaxis, now, please! I will send reminders every six months.

Protect your family, friends and patients.

Unconscious Patient ::: Differential Diagnosis

Unconscious Patient ::: Differential Diagnosis ♻

🚼 🚼 🚼 🚼 🚼 🚼 🚼 🚼

1. Swollen Gums & Tongue Bite – Epilepsy.

2. Wet Forehead & Severe Perspiration – Hypoglycemia.

3. Hot Forehead & High Fever – Cerebral Malaria.

4. High Fever & Neck Stiffness – Pyogenic Meningitis.

5. Fever & Neck Stiffness – T.B. Meningitis, Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage.

6. Very Hot Forehead – Heat Stroke.

7. Yellow Eyes – Jaundice (Hepatic Coma).

8. Red & Congested Eyes – Alcoholic Coma.

9. Unequal Pupils – Cerebral Haemorrhage.

10. Bilateral Pinpoint Pupils – Pontine Haemorrhage.

11. Dilated Pupils – Dhatura Poisoning.

12. Unequal Nasolabial Folds – Paralysis.

13. Blood in Nose and Ears – Haemorrhage in Base of Brain.

14. Blue Lips – COPD Patient.

15. Fruit Smell – Diabetic Coma.

16. Urine Smell – Uremic Coma.

17. Rotten Rat Smell – Hepatic Coma.

18. Perfume Smell – Sleeping Pills.

After a conference on cancer prevention

After a conference on cancer prevention

Some interesting points
1. No to refined oil
2. No to milks of animal origin (nido.)
3. No to cubes
4. No to the consumption of the gasified juices of the different breweries (32 pieces of sugar per liter)
5. No refined sugars
6. No Microwave
7. No to mammography before delivery but echomamaire
8. No to too tight bras or after returning to work
9. No alcohol
10. No for reheating frozen meals
11. No to the conservation of water in the refrigerator in plastic bottles …
12. All contraceptive pills are not good because they change the woman’s hormonal system and give cancer.
13. Deodorants are dangerous especially used after shaving.
14. Cancer cells eat mainly sugar, everything is synthetic sugar even brown.
15. A cancer patient who suppresses sugar in his diet sees his disease regressed and can live long: sugar = deadly enemy.
16. A glass of beer is made 5 hours in the body and during this time the organs of the system are operating at idle speed.

Yes to:

1. Vegetables
2. Honey in measured quantities in place of sugar
3. Vegetable proteins such as beans versus meat
4. Two glasses of water on an empty stomach before brushing teeth, water kept in the room having the same temperature as we woke up
5. Unheated Meals
6. Anti cancer juice: aloe vera + ginger + parsley + celery + promaline (middle of the pineapple) mix and drink on an empty stomach.
7. Other anti-cancer juice: corossol (seedless) + promaline.
8. Eat the raw or cooked carrot or juice each day.

Just to share info
The association of American doctors has given answers to the cause of cancer
1. Do not drink tea in a plastic cup (cup).
2. Do not eat anything hot in a paper or plastic bag. Example: potato (fried).
3. Do not cook microwavable foods using plastic material

As a reminder :
When plastic is in contact with heat, this creates chemicals that can cause 52 types of cancer.

This message is better than 100 unnecessary SMS.
Inform your loved ones in order to be free from these effects.

⚠ Avoid drinking Coca Cola on pineapple or after you have eaten pineapple as a dessert.
Do not mix pineapple juice with Coca.
This mixture is deadly! People are dying there and they mistakenly believe that they were poisoned …. They were victims of their ignorance of this fatal cocktail!

Sms to share with loved ones.
May God preserve us

Please reads and transmits.

Dr. Richard from the United States.
Important Health Tips:

👉 Answer calls to the left ear.
👉 Do not take your medication with cold water ….
👉 Do not eat heavy meals after 5 pm.
👉 Drink more water in the morning, less at night.
👉 Do not lie down immediately after taking medication or after meals.
👉 When your phone’s battery is low at the last bar, do not answer the phone, because the radiation is 1000 times more powerful.
👉 Can you pass this on to the people you love?
I just did it, kindness costs us nothing …