10 reasons to fall in love with turmeric


Turmeric is not just an ordinary
spice — it has amazing medicinal
properties. You will fall in love
with this magical spice as you
read on.
To experience the health benefits
of turmeric, all you have to do is
add a pinch of turmeric into your
daily diet.
Have a look at what all turmeric
can do:
*Combined with cauliflower, it can
prevent prostate cancer.
*Milk, turmeric and honey
together can cure your cold
*Applying a paste of ground
turmeric with lime on swellings
and sprains will heal them. Make a
mixture of equal amounts of
turmeric powder and Neem
powder. A teaspoon of this
mixture twice every morning and
evening will rid you of all kinds of
skin problems.
*A concoction of Amla and
turmeric taken twice a day will
cure urine irritation problems.
*A pinch of turmeric in water can
prevent jaundice.
*It aids in body metabolism and
helps in managing weight.
*Turmeric is a pain reliever. To get
rid of pain, drink some warm milk
with a pinch of turmeric in it.
*The Chinese use it as a treatment
for depression.
*Warm some turmeric in water.
Dip some cotton and place it on
your eyes. Your eyes will feel
soothed and eye problems will
gradually vanish.
*It reduces the risk of childhood