He Sits Alone

He Sits Alone


He sits there alone daily
Just wishing for someone
To take the time from their busy day
But night falls and there are none.

Time goes by so very slowly
For he goes through another day
Because he’s old and feeble
Is this the price he must pay?

To die here all alone
Without his loved ones near
I can’t imagine what he thinks
As he wipes away his tears.

He worked so hard all of his life
To have a few things to call his own
Now he’s sitting in a wheelchair
In a far off nursing home.

Thinking about the old days
And finding himself living there
Because the life he has now
Is just to much for him to bare.

If only he could see them
The loved ones he holds so dear
If only he could feel their touch
Their voices he could hear.

His life would be complete then
He may not be afraid to say goodbye
But he fears deep inside his heart
In this nursing home he will die.

Our loved ones go by so quickly
And tomorrow he may be gone
Someday it may be you….sitting
In a far off nursing home.