Namaste Pranam Namaskar, “The PURE KNOWLEDGE of VEDANTA”


“Change is an in Intrinsic Quality of NATURE and as well as Human Body {Chitta(mind stuff,Psyche)} ( Vedas version:Yatha Pinde -Tatha Bramhande (Universe & Human body homologous).”

“Before we proceed further for Social Conductibility,Religiosity & Spirituality it is necessary first to have aclear Idea of what the MIND{Chitta(mind stuff,psyche)} is ?”

“First & Foremost ,the TRANSFORMATION of LIFE through Social Conductivity & Spirituality must be achieved is a Balanced State of Mind & CHITTA(Mind stuff,psyche).””LOVE is the ESSENCE of the WORLD.”LOVE is SHIP that takes ONE across the OCEAN of “LIFE” & “DEATH” .”

“This has been noted as one of the various characteristics of Kal Yuga, the Dark Age.”

“The difference between PRIDE & False Pride.”

“If you have wealth and you are PROUD of it,then it is Pride,and suppose you do not have wealth are you Proud of someone else’s wealth.That is False Pride.It is very common among us.”

“If individual does not have strength,but is proud of it,that also is False Pride.”

“Every thing a human being has acquire in this world is not HIS,because it can be taken away from him at any moment.”

“In spite of the he takes Pride in his belongings.”

“This is FALSE.A person has no strength ;but he portrays himself as invincible.”

“A person is not Intelligent,but believes himself to be the most Intelligent person in the world.”

“Without possessing any qualities he behaves as if he is PERFECT.”
“All this is False Pride.”


“This Awareness asks that you know the Pure Knowledge of Chitta so Illusion about Spirituality may be overcome and all will be well for all being of UNIVERSE.”

“If you want to know anything fundamentally or to get the ‘position of GOD or SUPREME, you must get ‘Tattvagyan'(Pure & True Knowledge via Self Realization) only because nothing is left unknown fundamentally if you get Tattvagyan which is all the Perfect.”

“Then you will find yourself becoming as Perfect as a Supreme Person after getting this Tattvagyan or this KNOWLEDGE.”

“The Social Conduct ,Religiosity & Spirituality(selflessness) can be attained very easily on this EARTH,under this SKY,breathing the same air of UNIVERSE.”

“Self- Introspection ” must also be embraced as indispensable part of SOCIAL CONDUCTIVITY, RELIGIOSITY,SPIRITUALITY.”

“Elimination of ILLUSION & Misconception is the GOAL of Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality i.e. Guru Tattwa,Prarabdha.”

“THINK GLOBALLY, ACT HOMELY , SOCIALLY RELIGIOUSLY,SPIRITUALLY.”{All are ONE & ONE is All. Dvaita (Duality,Diversity) v\s Advaita ( Non-Duality)}.”

Guru Tattwa,,Poetyca,Prarbdha
Knowledge, Science, Spirituality & Chaitanya-Dharma( Religion)Through Social Conduct Consciousness of self realization:Prarbdha Karma, Faith,Emotion,Feeling,Happiness, PEACE,LOVE,Humanity,Humility.*
“Consciousness of Universal Frds. for Love & Peace within with non-duality (Advaita)i..e.”Only One God”.i..e.{“Holy Human”}.”
Guru Tattwa,,Poetyca,Prarbdha