Top 15 Interview Questions

Here we provide you the top 15 questions, which are most common during the interview. These questions helps you to do well during the interview. You have to practice for these questions by the mock test with your friends and relatives and obtain a good answer of each questions.

About 4-6 questions are comes from these. So practice them and gain a good result.

The questions are as follows :

1. How did you know about the interview?

2. Why you want to do job with this company?

3. Tell me your weakness and strengths.

4. What are your salary expectations?

5. What is your knowledge about this company?

6. What do you do in your spare time?

7. Why did you choose your college and study stream?

8. Give example of your creativity.

9. What is your dream job?

10. How do you handle rejection?

11. Tell us about your school project or your job project.

12. Describe your ideal career.

13. Why should we take you?

14. Are you willing to travel?

15. Are there any questions would you like to ask us?

By giving the good answer of these questions in the interview, you are going to be good for the job vacancy.