“Heaven gives you all the conditions you need for your evolution,
but, as they do not usually present themselves in the form you
were expecting, not only do you not see them, but you complain.
You wait for God to grant you happiness in the form of success or
glory, and when success and glory do not come you are unhappy.
Well, this shows that you are neither intelligent nor perceptive.
Study whatever happens to you, and ask yourself what the
invisible world expects of you when it confronts you with
difficulties and problems to solve. Reflect in future, and learn
to see all those things you consider obstacles or failures
differently. Then you will understand that there is always
something to discover.
Happiness is in a place where you are not yet able to see it. You
would like it to be like your idea of it, wouldn’t you? Well,
that is not possible. But do not be discouraged. You are not
alone; there are many beings in the invisible world thinking of
you and always teaching you and helping you.”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov