Laminating Property Documents & Other Certificates

Laminating Property Documents & Other Certificates

Most of us are tempted to get the documents laminated so as to preserve them. Here’s a communication received from a friend which should open our eyes to the dangers of laminating valuable papers like land documents.

“We had our property documents laminated for their safe keeping. This was years ago.
Recently we tried for a bank loan by mortgaging the property docs. At the final stage of verification of original documents, the Bank Lawyer flatly refused even to look at the documents saying that they are laminated. The reason being that, since they are laminated, the original documents cannot be differentiated from the colour photocopies. Appears, it was a hard learned truth as the Bank was duped by the colour photocopies of the original documents, duly laminated and presented.

We were asked to get the documents de-laminated ! else forego the loan.

The concept of de-laminating was something like “OMG, Is it possible ?” to us. We started searching those who can de – laminate documents.

The internet gave us the address of one at Lahore in Pakistan. That apart, we got another person in Bangalore who quoted Rs 3500 per document, with 20 documents on hand, we were looking at cool 70 K for de -lamination. We were about to be robbed.

At last we could find some one at Mysore who agreed for Rs 500 per paper. We rushed to Mysore from Bangalore, got them done. The whole experience has left us with lot of knowledge.

We have a lesson here. Pl do not laminate the original property documents. The Banks will not touch them. No loans can be taken on them. Even the buyers would hesitate at the time of sales. Further, Please be careful while receiving such laminated documents in a transaction. Whilst browsing, I have also come across where the people have run into Visa problems while submitting the laminated mark sheets, degree certificates.”