In a forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth to a baby. It finds a remote grass field nearby a river and slowly goes there thinking it would be safe. As she moves slowly, she gets labour pain.

At the same moment, dark clouds gather around that area and lightning starts a forest fire. Turning left, she sees a hunter who is aiming an arrow from a distance. As she tries to move towards right, she spots a hungry lion approaching towards her.


What can the pregnant deer do, as she is already under labour pain..?
What do you think will happen..?
Will the deer survive..?
Will it give birth to a fawn..?
Will the fawn survive..?


Will everything be burnt by the forest fire…?
Can the deer go left..? No, the hunter’s arrow is pointing at her.
Can she go right…? No, the hungry male lion is approaching her.
Can she move up..? No, there the forest is on fire.
Can she move down..? No, that is where the fierce river is.

Answer: She does nothing. She just focuses on giving birth to a new LIFE..

The sequence of events that happens at that fraction of a second (moment) are as follows:

In a spur of MOMENT, a lightning strikes and blinds the eyes of the hunter…!
At that MOMENT, he releases the arrow missing and zipping past the deer…!
At that MOMENT, the arrow hits and injures the lion badly…!
At that MOMENT, it starts to rain heavily and puts out the forest fire…!
At that next MOMENT, the deer gives birth to a healthy fawn…!

In our life too, there are MOMENTS of CHOICE when we all have to deal with negative thoughts from all sides. Some thoughts are so powerful they overcome us and make us clueless.

Anything can happen in a MOMENT in this life. If you are religious, superstitious, atheist, agnostic or whatever, you can attribute this MOMENT to divine intervention, faith, sudden luck, serendipity, coincidence, karma,
or a simple ‘I just don’t know’…!

The priority of the deer, in that given moment, was simply giving birth to a baby, because LIFE IS PRECIOUS…!

In future, may you always be inspired to have a focused positive insight, oblivious of all imaginary, negative probabilities.

“LIFE is Flowing Like a River
With Unexpected TURNS,
May be GOOD,
May be BAD…
Learn to enjoy Each Turn
because, these Turns…

Never RETURN.”

General Awareness Questions

General Awareness Questions

  1. What is current CRR Rate – 4%
  2. How much % SLR cut down in monetary policy – 0.5%
  3. Minimum paid-up capital for payment banks – Rs 100 Crore
  4. Which organisation gives loan to landless farmer- NABARD
  5. Bricks bank head office will be located in which country- Shangai, China
  6. “Strictly Person” a book is written by- Daman Singh
  7. In India economic condition are measured after – 5 yrs
  8. Governor of U.P – Ram Naik
  9. Lab To Land is a initiative of which Ministry – Ministry of Rural Development
  10. Who is Tony Abott – Prime Minister of Australia
  11. Who is the minister of Ministry of Home Affairs – Rajnath Singh
  12. Who is Civil aviation Minister – Ashok Gajapati Raju
  13. Which state ban wearing dhoti in parliament- Tamil Nadu
  14. Which state has large number of tigers- Karnataka

Note: Tiger census: In the latest census, Karnataka has overtaken Madhya Pradesh, as the state with the most tigers.

  1. What is the age limit for voting right- 18 years
  2. ISIS is active in which state – Iraq
  3. Mars Orbiter Mission, informally called – Mangalyaan
  4. What is HAL Dhruv – It is a utility helicopter developed and manufactured by India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
  5. Rainfall density is highest in which state- Cherrapunji, Meghalaya
  6. Who is the head of UNESCO – Irina Bokova
  7. Ban Ki -moon is the Secretary-General of – UN
  8. Which country is helping India for Ganga rejuvenation – Japan
  9. According to Union budget 2014-15, Agricultural university will open in which state – Andhra Pradesh & Rajasthan
  10. Gandhi Nagar is the capital of which state- Gujarat
  11. Nalanda university is located in which state –Bihrar
  12. Telangan’s state brand ambassador- Sania Mirza
  13. Human Development index 2014 topped by which country – Norway
  14. Capital of Maldives- Malé
  15. Bangkok is the capital of which country- Thailand
  16. Jitu Rai is associated with – Shooting
  17. What is the rank of India in CWG 2014 games medal tally– Fifth
  18. Parupalli Kashyap is related to with which game – Badminton
  19. K. Sanjita chanu belongs from which state – Manipur
  20. Tiger wood is related with which game- Golf
  21. Novok Djokovic is related to which game – Tennis
  22. Roger Feredar is related to which game – Tennis
  23. Which country tops medal tally in CWE 2014 games – England
  24. Which country finished 2nd rank in medal tally in CWE 2014 games -Australia
  25. Union Cabinet approved the Juvenile Justice Bill, 2014, age limit for juvenile to be carried in court for heinous crime is – The bill will treat minors above the age of 16 as adults, who are accused of heinous crimes like rape and murder.
  26. HUCK term related to which game- Ultimate Frisbee



“Who will get me a pair of studs
I want ones which are tiny stars
I am fed up with the ones I wear
I am pretty past the age of dangles
I need a total make over”, I said.

I waited for a “yeah I will, sis”
From my darling duo, in syncing chorus
But the terrible twosome
Grinned from cheek to cheek
Like the cat in Alice, twinning over,
And saucily replied in single voice
Which resounded, “O dear sis, I will – Not”!
Spoofing me a second, then leaving me dumb.

Flabbergasted I looked at their faces
Not a whit of remorse peeped from there
But the crinkly eyes and the beaming smiles
Belied the naughty fun ‘neath the sauce.

A pack of twin blades are my sisters
Razor sharp in wit and humour
They love pulling my beefy leg
And tie me up in pretty little knots,
And make fun of me wholesale.

I know that today or tomorrow
I will get my studs and may be more
But their saucy replies I cherish more
I love their tongue-in-cheek wit so.

These are the ones that keep me warm
When I sit in lonely and pensive times,
They bring a smile to my wan face
And make me in silly giggles shake
And fill my bleak life with fun-filled rays!


A plush green coat
a red painted pout
pole-dancing on the go
a leg wrapped high!
a pin-up vivid
from the nature’s mag,
striking a sultry pose
against the bars,
throatily I croon
the parrot’s song!

my world turns round,
spins day in and out
on the ring hanging down
in the middle of my cage.
here my heaven blossoms
my hell freezes here
here my day breaks
my night dangles here
here my moon sails
my stars burst here
here my dreams pall
my horrors bloom here
here my desires well,
my wants stem here.
here my world begins
it ends too here.

in the barred felicity
I live with all facility
lacking nothing else
but my soaring wings…!
the cage, my bed-sitter
my dining, my toilette
the cage, my boudoir
my parlour, my chamber.

the chillies I peck on
are as red as my beak,
the water I drink is
as tasty and sweet.
the songs I croon bring
admirers trooping in…
my prattle and antics
have fans thronging in…

the world outside lurks
too dangerous and bold
I don’t need a card
to divine what it holds!
cats on the prowl
moles on the move
crows caw a riot
scouring for a fight!
eagles hover furtively
eyeing me keen!
all told, the outdoors
seem pretty nasty.

my wings are all dead
cooped up in the cage
battered to bits as I
beat in dreadful rage
if you let me out there
I will perish, for sure
the dangers are varied,
finely packaged allure…

flying is a pipe dream
blooming in the sky
bolting a green streak
through the blue, high.
sweeping on the wing span
mounting to the sun
to share Icarus’ dream
seems rather grim
the cage is the haven
my crib, my crypt
safety, a watchword
that I deem meet.


Riverine my blood flowed
Splashing through the arterial tributaries
Gushing upstream in the venal canals
Lapping dulcet against its walls
Flowing into the estuaries of the heart
Placidly, rhythmically.

It danced torrential with my passions
Eddied and swirled with my longings
Fell in teeming cataracts with my raptures
Spilled, sprayed and surged into my rages
Leaked a little into my sweat and tears
Seeped moribund into my menstrual cycles.

Till somebody built check dams in my veins
Stemming the flow at intervals
And clots arose like boulders
Pushed into the swirling waters
By the strong merciless hands of a quirky fate
Around which, the muddied stream
Swirls and whirls unable to pass
And reach the destination unrestrained,
The confluence at the life sustaining ghat.

Tricks to Remember Countries and their Capitals…

Tricks to Remember Countries and their Capitals…

<< Country name and Capital name are same >>

Mexico – Mexico City
Kuwait – Kuwait City
Panama – Panama City
Vatican City – Vatican City
Guatemala – Guatemala City
Djibouti – Djibouti City
Singapore – Singapore
Monaco – Monaco
Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Tunisia – Tunis
Andorra – Andorra la Vella

<< Capital Names Ending with “Town” >>
South Africa – CapeTown
Guyana – Gorege Town
Sierra Leone – FreeTown
Barbados – BridgeTown

<< For Korea’s Family >>
1) South Korea – Seoul
Seoul looks like “Soul”
Mind Trick : South Korea’s Soul

2) North Korea – Pyongyang
Pyongyang sounds like “Young-yang”
Mind Trick : North People are “Young”

Sweden – Stockholm
Sweden( sounds like ” Sweat-den”)
Stockholm(sounds like “Stock +Home”)
Mind Trick : Sweats are in Stock in our Home..

Jamaica –Kingston
Mind Trick: Jamaica’s men are “Kings”

Iran – Tehran
Mind Trick – Both words ends with “ran”

Bhutan – Thimpu
Bhutan souds like “Boot+tan”
Thimphu sounds like name “Tippu Sultan”
Mind Trick : Tippu Sultan wear Boots..

Canada – Ottawa
Ottawa sounds like “Oats”
Mind Trick : Canadians like Oats..

DenMark – CoPenhagen :
Mark(a name)
Co-Pen(means Others Pen)
Mind Trick : Mark uses others Pen.

Hungary – Budapest
Hungary looks like “Hungry”
Budapest sounds like “Buddha+pest
Mind Trick : Buddha is very Hungry.

Argentina –Buenos Aires
Aires look like “Airs”
Mind Trick : Argentina’s Airs

Australia –Canberra
Canberra sounds like “Cadbury”
Mind Trick : Australia’s companies manufacture “ Cadburys”

Malta – ValLetta
Mind Trick: Malta – Letta

Morocco – Rabat
Rabat sounds like “Robert”
Mind Trick: Morocco’s Robert.

Romania – Bucharest
Mind Trick Romania people take “Rest”

Poland – WarSaw
Land – War – Saw
Mind Trick – I SAW a WAR happened in poLand

Czech Republic – Prague
Prague sounds like “Pray”
Mind Trick : Czech People “Pray” for God Daily

Ukraine – Kyiv
Ukraine sounds like (“Uk+rain”)
Kyiv sounds like (“key”)
Mind Trick : In Uk,while raining lost KEY

Taiwan – Taipei
Taiwan sounds like (“Tie +One”)
Taipei sounds like (“Tie +Pi”)
Mind Trick : TieOne – TiePi

Estonia –Tallinn
Estonia sound like “Yes +Stone”
Mind Trick : Stone is Tall

Venezuela- Caracas
Mind Trick : Veny Travels in Car

Congo- Brazzaville
Brazzaville-Brazil +Ville
Mind Trick : Congo’s to Brazil for hosting FIFA WorldCup

New Zealand – Wellington
Wellington -Washington
Mind Trick : New Washington

Bulgaria –Sofia
Bulgaria –Bulk +Area
Sofia looks like “Sofa”
Mind Trick : Bulk of Sofa’s in that Area

Brazil – Brasillia
Brasillia – Brazil+lia

Croatia- Zagreb
Croatia sounds like (“Coast +Asia”)
Zagreb sounds like (“za+Grey”)
Mind Trick: Coast Asia people like “Grey” Colour

Cyprus – Nicosia
Nicosia sounds like (“Nik +Asia”)

Famous Countries & Capitals
Afghanistan – Kabul
Bangladesh – Dhaka
China – Beijing
Pakistan – Islamabad
UAE – Abu Dhabi
Vietnam – Hanoi
Srilanka – Colombo
Philippines – Manila
Japan – Tokyo
Italy – Rome
France – Paris
Spain – Madrid

Too Scared To Love

Too Scared To Love

The threshold of pain
is mighty low
I am scared
to love.

Blows have landed
forceful and strong;
lashes on my back
slaps on my face
raps on my head.
Now I cringe
and duck blows
imagined and feared.
Whips curl and snap
in my ears
when someone
passes close by…
I am scared to love…

I have seen embers
turn to ashes
I am scared
to love.

Fires have burned
torrid and tall
warming my heart
heating me through
and then burned low;
dying sparks
fan me cold.
Now I turn numb
dead embers
smoulder not
dusty ashes
smother my soul
when someone
wild as tinder,
and fiery all over
passes me by…
I am scared to love.

I stand by
the wayside
lost and forlorn
I am scared to love.

Cuddling arms
have gathered close
and yet close
in secure grip
in one swoop
to smother in love
only to push away
with brutal arms.
Now I wing past
ardent hands
evade the petting
and caressing
for fear of being
hurled away
and abandoned
when someone
seemingly caring
passes me by…
I am scared to love.

Too scared to love.