Lose weight the right way

A nutritionist tells you how to knock off those kilos gained over the festive period. Losing weight should always be done in a healthy manner so that you do not make yourself ill and fatigued in the process. A balanced diet combined with adequate exercise is a must for a toned body that looks great throughout the year. As tempting as a crash diet might appear, it will only work to your advantage in the short- term and the few pounds that you lose by denying your body proper nutrition will result in you feeling completely drained of energy – something you clearly don’t want while celebrating the New Year.


Eat small portions at regular intervals throughout the day.The meal should contain food which is high in proteins and fibre such as egg white, whole pulses and beans, low fat milk and milk products,whole grains, oats, beans, broccoli, papaya, orange and guava should be consumed. For non vegetarians, fish and low fat chicken without skin are good options.Stick to low fat cooking preparations like grilled or roasted dishes for fewer calories.Choose cooking oils that are high in MUFA ( monounsaturated fat) as these fatty acids control bad cholesterol. Oil such as canola is the right option as it is healthy for the heart and free from bad cholesterol.


Don’t eliminate fats completely from your diet as there are good fats such as omega 3 and mono- unsaturated fats which our bodies need. Avoid red meats like pork, mutton, ham and other meats with rich gravies. Avoid fasting or skipping meals as it forces the body to go into a conservation mode.The basal metabolic rate ( BMR) falls, which results in preservation of energy leading to no weight loss. On the other hand, smallfrequent meals keep the BMR boosted and exercise further raises it, thus leading to weight loss in the right way.


Once you have regulated your intake of food, it is important to break down the fats that are alreadyin your body. The quickest way to do that is by following a regular workout regime. In order to shed the fat, you need to break into a sweat! You can do that by doing aerobic exercises like running, swimming, cycling or pretty much anything that increases your heart rate and keeps it up.</p><p> Abdominal crunches alone will not help you and will only tone the muscles. Staying active through the day is a great way to get some additional exercise. Simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking a few extra steps everyday can keep you fitter than you think.

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