Hormones are deeply connected with our emotions. Every hormonalimbalance has it`s root in our feelings, is connected with the stress, traumas,lack of joy and contentment with the life. Our body secretes hormones, but our mind can control them.

Sexual hormones:
Sexual hormones are the most sensitive ones, they have very important rolein our lives; they are not here just to rule our fertility, their balance orimbalance shows the level of our emotional satisfaction in the life, and arevery influenced with the quality of all our relationships towards other people,as well as sexual ones.

They are also positively influenced with the sense of feeling secure in thematerial life.Hormonal imbalance:

The major hormonal imbalance occurs in pre-menopause and menopause. End ofreproductive cycle can be/is extremely difficult for women to accept it. For lotof them it just means that they do not have purpose in life any more, that theylost their youth and attractiveness.

Menstrual cycle actually stops, when woman decides not to have children anymore, on conscious or subconscious level.

When sexual hormones start to drop down, it can be connected with allpossible complications, because [b]sexual hormones (estrogens and progesterone)are influencing regeneration of all our body organs and systems, especiallyother endocrine glands, and not only our reproductive functions.

It is possible to stop reproductive cycle and live with the normal level ofestrogenes and progesterone, (for fertility are in charge two other hormones: LHand FSH) and keep the youth, stay healthy and stop the aging (which occursquickly when estrogenes and progesterone start to drop down).

Nature is giving us from ancient times herbs which help us to maintainhormonal balance (phytoestrogen, phytoprogesteron) , and the rest is in ourattitude and in choosing the balanced life without too much stress.

Many women who have chosen to regularly practise some relaxation techniques and have positive attitude towards life, do not have any problems while being in the menopause. Health and youth is in our mind and emotions:our biological program is exactly what we believe it should be!!!