Please don’t eat yippee noodles..

This morning I have purchased yippee noodles from shop and after coming to home I have open that packet so I found that the yippee noodles is full of bacteria and some small insects are there in that packet so after seeing that I have called to ITC care toll free no :18004254444 and I complained about this Product but I did not got the proper response from them and the way there are taking is so rudely and I have send email to itccares@itc.in also I did not got any reply from there end. they simply gave one request no : 2015/4638 and they said that we will get back you that its.
On the packet the manufacturing date : 06 Oct 2015 it’s just one month has been completed.

Last few months back we found that Maggie product issue before forgetting that issue we have found this yippee noodles also providing the low quality product in the market.

My humble request to every one please don’t eat this kind of low quality products and don’t spoil your life.

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