Tips for Success

Tips for Success

Important tips for students

1. Students normally consider anger, laziness, sensitiveness, fear, tension, inferiority complex, insecurity about future, failure to speak in public, lack of attention and memory as their problems. These are not at all problems but only weaknesses which can be fought upon.

2. Daydreaming is the barrier of learning. Lack of concentration is due to lack of interest in studies or more interest in other things. Conquer your unwanted desires that take your time. Don’t discuss your next day’s interesting programs like going to cinema or picnic, just before starting your studies. This leads to daydreaming distracting your concentration. Fight this barrier. Avoid gossip, arguments, phone conversations and long discussions during your study hours.

3. Planning your timetable is very essential. Decide how much time you are going to spend for your entertainment and how much for your studies. Time Management is very important. So plan to work according to your time table. Request your parents not to invite guests during your study hours. See that your friends should not ring up at your study hours.

4. Pay equal importance to all subjects. Don’t ignore any subject. If you do so at the time of examination you will find that particular subject difficult and tough. Don’t sit at the nick of the moment preparing for the examination. Don’t be over-confident. Plan to prepare for examinations from the beginning of the academic year. This helps you to avoid tension when the examination date advances. Doing this you can maintain good health avoiding late night outs.

5. Understand the subject matter. Discuss with friends or with your teachers to clarify your doubts if any. Develop the habit of condensing and expanding the subject. Note down important points using key words and learn to expand the words when required.

6. Try to follow your time table regularly without fail. You can give extra time for the subjects you feel tougher by giving extra time for that particular subject on holidays.

7. Fix particular place for study. Avoid study in your bedroom or in kitchen. Spend time in libraries and try to study alone. Combined study may promote unnecessary gossips.

8. If you feel bored of continuous study relax for a while. But don’t sit in front of the Television. Just go out, breath in fresh air and come back to your studies. Never watch late night movies.

9. Develop the habit of reading text books. Note down the important points. You will not have time to read bulky text at the time of the examination so prior reading and noting down of important points helps you a lot during examination.

10. Don’t read continuously without rest. Take ten minutes break in-between every one hour of your reading. Go to your balcony or in open space, close your eyes and feel the fresh air. During the ten minutes break, try to recollect what you have studied during the previous two hours, closing your eyes.

11. Avoid oily foods and snacks in breakfast as these things make you lazy. Avoiding such food you can be alert throughout the day. Avoid heavy meal. After dinner, walk for ten minutes silently and then continue your studies.

12. Drink as much water as you can while studying so that you feel fresh. For every of your study have a glass of buttermilk or fresh fruit juice. Smell mint before preparing for study. It increases your attentiveness.

13. After completing one subject give a gap of five minutes and then go for next subject. Discuss your subject with your friends and parents so that you remember the things very well. Cultivate the habit of reading daily without break. If you wish to watch television or if you feel like talking with your friends complete prior to your studies. Avoid doing such things in-between or after your studies as it disturbs your mind.

14. Avoid last minute preparation for any left out subject matter. It creates unnecessary tension.

15. Avoid oily foods, cool drinks, sweets a month before examination.

16. Usually students get nervous at the time of examination. But nervousness makes you forget things. Your memory weakens. So stay relaxed and confident before staring to write your examination.

17. Divide your time equally for all the questions. Before answering the question paper read it atleast twice. Don’t waste your time on one answer. Don’t write beyond the requirement. See that though the answers are brief they cover entire points.

18. Avoid falling in love at your age. It is quite common but with a little effort, you can avoid such things. There is lot of life further for a better choice. Self control is very essential to develop concentration and to build a bright future.

Perform your duty
Thy not expect the result
Enjoy the work
Just by doing it
And the result is a bonus.