How to Boost Your Gas Mileage and Pocket Hundreds of Dollars in Savings

With gas prices now close to $4 per gallon, we thought we’d take a look at ways that drivers can significantly increase their gas mileage.  Gas makes up such a large chunk of our monthly expenses, so any meaningful improvement can represent a real help to the household finances.

The immediate suggestion you often hear is to buy a higher mileage car.  But, we’ll skip that one, as we don’t expect you to run out and get a new hybrid.  We’re looking for more practical suggestions.

The first thing anyone looking to get better gas mileage should do is make sure their car is maintained properly.  Simple things can make a difference.


  • Keep tires properly inflated – this can improve mileage by up to three percent.
  • Keep your engine in tune and fix any mechanical problems – this can improve mileage by up to four percent.
  • Use the recommended grade of motor oil – this can improve mileage by up to two percent.

While any improvement to your mileage is a help, the impact of the above changes may still be negligible, especially as most conscientious drivers today are already doing these things.

What we’re looking for is something really significant, something that can improve mileage by 10, 20, or even 25 percent.

There’s no shortage of additives and gizmos for your engine that claim to be able to help with fuel efficiency, but one in particular caught our eye.  It’s a small device called the Fuel Doctor that plugs into your car’s lighter or electrical port.  Independent tests conducted by third party testing laboratories have shown that for certain car models, the Fuel Doctor was able to deliver a whopping 25 percent improvement in gas mileage – now, that’s more like it!

First, the company’s disclaimer is that the product only works on cars that are over 24 months old. That’s because it specifically tackles an internal problem that develops over the course of a few years in most cars and trucks. Today’s vehicles rely on sophisticated electrical systems to control just about everything, including the fuel injection system and engine timing equipment.  Over time, the electrical currents in your car’s electrical system develop interference and noise.  Believe it or not, this has a big impact on your engine’s efficiency.

The Fuel Doctor device actually “cleans and conditions” the electrical power in the vehicle, and reduces the interference. This translates into an engine that runs more efficiently and uses less gas.

The company won’t divulge exactly how their technology works, but in most vehicles the power port is directly wired to the main fuse panel box, which is the power distribution point for most of the vehicles electrical system.  The Fuel Doctor, when plugged in to the power port or lighter socket closest to the engine, is able to act on the electrical current throughout the vehicle.

The company acknowledges that the amount of improvement you will see depends on your type of vehicle, its age, and how you drive. But, its tests clearly show that savings of more than $400 dollars annually are possible.

And while the Fuel Doctor costs just $79.95, the company recognizes that consumers may be naturally skeptical of claims like these – so, they wisely offer an unconditional, 90-day, money-back guarantee.  If you’re not seeing results that blow you away, just return it, and they will give you a full refund.

With today’s gas prices, every additional mile you can squeeze from a gallon of gas means more dollars in your pocket, and the Fuel Doctor promises a lot more miles from each fill-up.

Click here to visit their website and learn more about this innovative and timely product.