Interview Do’s and Dont’s

Today’s job market is tough, and there is a lot of competition out there. Every year thousands of students graduate from colleges and go on the job market, and also each year associates at firms nationwide decide to make further moves. If you have received an interview call, it means your CV has been shortlisted. The next step is to convert the job interview into a job. It is you who has to convince the interviewer that you are the best choice. However good your CV is, if you can’t present yourself properly during the interview, it can’t get you the job. There are many small mistakes that candidates commit, costing them the opportunity and the job. Interview is an opportunity for both the employer and the applicant to gather information. The employer wants to know if you have the skills, knowledge, self-confidence, and motivation necessary for the job. He or she also wants to determine whether or not you will fit in with the organization’s current employees. Similarly, you will want to evaluate the position and the organization and determine if they will fit into your career plans. The interview is a two-way exchange of information. To survive the competition you have to interview exceedingly well to give yourself even a decent shot at employment. The best strategies for the ultimate interview are: Have a perfect resume. You are not competing; you are self-maximizing. When you interview you are telling the story of ‘YOU’. Practice, practice, practice. Research, research, research. Treat each interview as special and unique. Always tell the truth. Relax before the interview.


What to Do at an Interview

What Not to Do at an Interview