Breathe me in . .…

Looking out through the window..

placing my chin on the grills..

Watching the full moon sway..

and feeling the touch of gentle breeze..


It was my room i knew..

everything was as i had arranged..

my diary was lying by my side..

Suddenly i felt an urge to search, felt so incomplete..


A tear rolled out and soon it fell

i thought i was relieved but it felt same still

A gift you gave peeped from my cup board

asking me if i was well..


I miss you all the more each day,

All my attempts not to do this go in vain..

i could write pages in my diary..

but i need your shoulder to lean..


i said some thing to the air,

“i want to stay in you forever, can no longer take this pain”

im just waiting for that lucky moment

to unite with ur heart, when u breathe my love in . . .