Vastu tips to invite peace and prosperity this Diwali!

Vastu tips to invite peace and prosperity this Diwali!


1. Set your Pooja room correctly

The North-East corner of a house is perfectly suitable for a Pooja Ghar. Therefore, if  possible, set the Pooja Ghar in this particular

direction, if not, you may place it in the East. It is advisable that you avoid using colour black in the interiors of this sacred place.

Keep a new and clean piece of cloth aside for the purpose of cleaning the photos and idols. Do not use this cloth for any other

purpose. Avoid wearing black and dark colours while performing Pooja.

2. Place the idols right

The Northern portion of a home is associated with wealth. Hence, ideally, the Lakshmi pooja should be conducted in that location.

However, do not keep two idols of the same god in the pooja ghar. Lord Ganesha should be kept on the left side of the Goddess

Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati should be placed on the right side of Goddess Lakshmi. Idols of all of these God and Goddess

should be in sitting form. Place idols in the North-East direction and pictures of water and ‘Kalash’ in the east or north of the pooja

room. While you put idols and images of gods, make sure that they are not put in a way that they would face the door of the pooja

room or one another.

3. Get rid of waste and clutter

Before the festival of Diwali , Ganesha says, throw away all unwanted and useless items that have been lying around in the house

and create some space for the new. As per the Vastu Shastra, the front door is related to opportunities. Therefore, make sure that

the front door of your home opens fully and no clutter is stored behind it, otherwise the divine energies and opportunities may not

enter your home. The main hall is the place where you primarily connect with the external world so it should always be neat,

beautiful and welcoming. Don’t keep unnecessary and old stuff in this room, for they don’t generate positive vibes.

4. Remove negative vibes from your house

Kali Chaudash is one of the best days to remove all kinds of negativities from your home. On day of Kali Chaudash, that is, the

second day of Diwali, you should worship either Goddess Kali or Lord Hanuman in order to remove negativities from physical,

mental and emotional bodies. Several methods have been mentioned in Hindu religious scriptures, the Vedas, that remove

negative effects from homes and offices. Here are some tips to protect your home from evil spirits. Not only that, these tips will

also help you find peace and happiness at home. All these methods are meant to protect the individuals / home and business

places from evil spirits, evil eyes, black magic, psychic attacks or any other type of negative forces.

However, before following and applying these tips, you need to understand the concept of Energy Field of your homes. It is a

cosmo-magnetic energy field around your home which is not visible to most people, but it can be instinctively sensed or

experienced by experts.

You may also chant the mantras mentioned here to gain strength and positivity. According to the science of Mantra, the armours

(kavach) of different deities such as Lakshmi Kavach, Durga kavach, Shiva Kavach, Ram Kavach, Hanuman kavach etc. can be

attained through the reciting of these mantra. Ganesha is of the opinion that each and every member of a family should chant

these mantras in the Pooja room.

May Vajrahasta protects our five vital breaths (Pran, Apan, Vyan, Udan, Saman) and  Kalyanashobhana protects our life force.

May Goddess Yogini protect our sense organs, that is, the faculties of taste, seeing, smell, hear and touch. May Narayni protects


May Varahi protects our life, Vaishnavi protects our dharma, Lakshmi protects our success, Chakrini protects our wealth and


5. Offer Guggal Dhoop

During Diwali, you may offer Guggal Dhoop to each and every part of your home. The entire team of Vastu Purusha, consisting of

Dwar Pal (Protector of Doors), Kshetra Pal (Protector of Regions), Dik Pal (Protector of Directions), regains energy by this Dhoop,

says Ganesha. Besides, Guggal Dhoop removes stress from the domestic environment and instils harmony in the family. You

may also offer Guggal Dhoop everyday to maintain the positive energy in your home.

6. Spray Salty Water

Mix salt in water and spray this salted water in each and every corner of your home on regular basis, especially around the time of

Diwali, suggests Ganesha. It is believed that salt absorbs all the negativity from air, purifies the enviornment and helps you be

happy and content. You may perform this remedy twice a week. Don’t forget to wash you hands after spraying the water.