Please don’t eat yippee noodles..

This morning I have purchased yippee noodles from shop and after coming to home I have open that packet so I found that the yippee noodles is full of bacteria and some small insects are there in that packet so after seeing that I have called to ITC care toll free no :18004254444 and I complained about this Product but I did not got the proper response from them and the way there are taking is so rudely and I have send email to itccares@itc.in also I did not got any reply from there end. they simply gave one request no : 2015/4638 and they said that we will get back you that its.
On the packet the manufacturing date : 06 Oct 2015 it’s just one month has been completed.

Last few months back we found that Maggie product issue before forgetting that issue we have found this yippee noodles also providing the low quality product in the market.

My humble request to every one please don’t eat this kind of low quality products and don’t spoil your life.

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Everyone goes through hell, but not everyone stays there

Everyone goes through hell, but not everyone stays there by Bryant McGill

Everyone goes through hell, but not everyone stays there. Stop tormenting yourself by reliving the pain over and over. Good people go through terrible things, but wise people know when and how to let it go. We all know that wisdom does not come easy, it often comes from painful experience. Many of us are very unwise in how we handle our pain. Like an animal that struggles in a steel trap, we worsen our wounds the way we struggle, deny, and fight against what simply, is. When we refuse to learn the wisdom of acceptance, we become our own tormentors. When we refuse to let go we suffer, yet we cannot let go of something until it has taught us what we need to learn. Letting go is a process of recognition, confrontation, acceptance, and healing. Letting go simply means not suffering any more than absolutely necessary, but just enough to expand and strengthen ourselves. Some suffering is needed to deepen our compassion, to grow, and to learn. Letting go means you have learned enough, and now have compassion for yourself. Letting go means not touching that sore spot until it is infected, and instead letting it heal. Letting go means carrying a permanent scar, but not a permanent wound. Letting go means you may have walked through hell, but came out the other side ready to make your life a heaven. Letting go means you refuse to be a victim forever, by letting one moment define the rest of your life. Letting go means you accept change, and you accept that your pain is not permanent. Letting go means you accept that you cannot take away the past, but you insist that the past cannot take away your future. Letting go means you are ready to move forward and live. Letting go means you are no longer afraid. It was always fear that held you prisoner; letting go means you are finally free.

{Pray for the wisdom to know how and when to let go.}

Current Affairs Today – November 20 2015 :~

Current Affairs Today – November 20 2015 :~
1. India-Russia Joint Army Exercise “INDRA-2015” culminated
2. “Technology Acquisition and Development Fund” to catalyze MSME sector
3. 8,000-cr Rly projects in 4 states get green signal
4. Minimum train fare increased from Rs 5 to Rs 10
5. 50 districts in Uttar Pradesh declared drought-hit
6. GTI: India Listed in Top 10 Nations Impacted by Terrorism
7. Global gender index: India mounted to 108th position
8. BioGenesis – Global cancer summit 2015
9. RBI allows RRBs to launch internet banking with caveats
10. CCEA to pay production subsidy of Rs 4.50 per quintal to sugarcane farmers
11. Tata Steel commissions first phase of Kalinganagar plant in Odisha
12. VFI President Chaudhary Avadhesh elected Asian Volleyball Confederation VP
13. Barack Obama names Indian-origin Swati Dandekar as ADB Director
14. Tanzania names little known bureaucrat as prime minister
15. 2015 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace conferred on UNHCR
16. Bangladesh Government blocked social media platform on security grounds
17. China testing its largest new space rocket
18. Government to set up separate portal to support innovative products
19. India finishes with 11 medals in Track Asia Cup cycling
20. Srishti Pandey won Indiana FIDE Rating Chess Tournament
21. Eminent bureaucrat RK Trivedi passed away
22. Former international footballer P Vijay Kumar dies.