Dear 2017

Dear 2017,
I stepped into you from one of the worst and devastating phase of my life. Entering to a new year from depressing days was tough. Believing sincerely that you’ll be like same as that of the painful days of 2016. But you made me fine, offering me wellness,pampering me with brighter moments,letting me dream good,sleep well,learn more,love endless,build together.
You showered me good but often put me down, gave me mental breakdowns, mini heart attacks. Your days brought me new beginnings,made me familiar with new walls and structures. Moments that happened turned unexpected people part of life,friends family.

You were a blend of many things. Chaos,troubles,failures,fights,confessions,comebacks,revelations and realizations!

For bringing me back my happy go lucky person, making my heart skip beats whenever he comes, giving me happiness whenever he smiles,
For making me understand people and their true colours,
For changing my perceptions on life and teaching me unless you win everything by yourself no one cares.

Thank you 2017!