“Will you marry me?”
I asked her in a typical way; kneeling down with a beautiful ring, balloons and lights all hung around , and a romantic music in the background.
Her eyes were filled with tears. She said trying hard not to cry, “I want to, you know that. But I can’t. I really can’t do this to you”
I slipped the ring inside her finger and said, “Nothing matters. You and me, this matters”
She started crying and said, “No, I look like a monster. I am a monster. Let me go.” She started to take out the ring but I stopped her.
“You are not a monster, sweetheart. He is. And trust me, you’re still the most beautiful girl I have ever seen ” I said and held back my tears. I stood up and kissed her left cheek which was disfigured by an acid that was thrown on her by some guy who claimed to love her so much.
“No” was all she said before she pushed my hand away, took out the ring and kept it on the table, and ran away crying.
That’s the beauty of personality. Unlike physical appearance, it never dies.
I went to her the next day and the moment she saw me, she opened her eyes widely and started crying after screaming in anger.
“How could you?” she managed to scream in between her tears.
I smiled at her, “Because now, we both are monsters and we will live together in our monstrous castle.”
I hugged her tightly and saw my reflection in the mirror. My face was all burnt and disfigured by acid. But I didn’t look like a monster nor did she. With her, I always looked great. We were perfect for each other.
I played a romantic song from my phone, took out the ring after kneeling down and smiled at her while she cried.
“Will you marry me?” I asked her again.