Feng Shui tips to turn home into a happy home!

Feng Shui tips to turn home into a happy home!

Everything around us is all about energy, and the principles of Feng Shui teache us to manage and balance that energy in the right way so that the positive vibes make our lives better and help us be free from the negative energy.

Home is where the hearth is, they say, and to make it even more peaceful and to increase the happiness quotient in the family follow these simple Feng Shui tips. –

 – The first thing you notice when you enter your residence is one of the strongest filters that your subconscious mind will receive. It is, therefore, important that what you usually first see is beautiful and enlightening.

Put a nice painting, fountain or something visually elevating at that place, so that you make that first eye contact a powerful and beautiful impression for yourself and enter your home with positive energy.

– If you want to buy a new flat or house and don’t wish to consult a Vaastu or Feng Shui consultant, take a new born baby there. If it cries, it means that the house does not carry positive energy. If it smiles, it means that the house has good, positive vibes to it.

– In order to improve the overall energy levels of your house, ring the Tibetan bell. It will make the positive energy more powerful.

– Put a model of Three Legged Toad in a way that it faces the main door. This ancient and mystical Feng Shui symbol, which signifies wealth and prosperity, will help you improve your savings, earnings, and thereby, your financial status as well.

– Never sit with your back facing the main door of your home. Unwanted guests should be given such seats.

– Never keep broken or damaged instruments and items like watches, telephones, mixer, ball pens, cassettes etc. in the house, for they carry negative energy.

– Ensure that the sound of your doorbell is pleasing. If it sounds irritating, it is likely that the family members will be short tempered. A doorbell with dull and low sound may make the family members less energetic.

– Check if any tile or area of flooring is broken. If you find that a part of the floor is broken, get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible, because the negative energy it spreads may affect your relationship with family members. You may also put a carpet to cover the damaged area.

– Also, ensure that there is no tree facing the main door or window of your home, as it could result into poor health of family members. Alternatively, place a convex mirror on the outer wall facing that tree.

– Doors and gates in your home should ideally open inwards and be of the double leaf kind to welcome auspicious Qi.

– The main door should preferably be flat or higher in the centre than at the sides as this indicates attaining ambitious goals.

– Have a name plate and number on the door of your house, so that opportunities can trace you easily.

– A bead curtain will slow down the movement of Qi. Use it for the front door of your home.

– A gate in the South-West direction should only be about waist-height.

– Use a full-height gate in the West to obstruct negative Yang energy.

– Don’t set up a large fountain in your home, as it may cause an imbalance in the energy levels. Use a small fountain or a water feature instead.

– If you keep fishes in your home, make sure that the fish tank is cleaned regularly and the water is clean and clear all the times to ensure good energy in the house.

– Ensure that furniture in your home does not have sharp edges and corners. Try and use furniture that has more of a rounded edge instead.

– Your kitchen stove should not be placed directly across the sink.

– A statue of a fish signifies gold and jewels. It also averts misfortune. You may put this in the bedroom.

– Do not sleep on a double bed with two different mattress. This creates symbolic separation that could become real.

– Do not hand a windchime over your bed as it may have attracted and absorbed negative energy during the day.