How to make A Girl laugh and Happy?

Unfortunately we can’t all be a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney. After all, the ugly tree has many branches and the chances are that most of us received at least a glancing blow as we made our way into the world. But the good news is that when it comes to getting the girl, looks aren’t the be all and end all.
Research shows women love a man with a sense of humour – here MSN Him reveals why, and how to make a women laugh.
Yes, while most men might be about as shallow as a shower when it comes to what’s on the outside, the fairer sex are much more forgiving; in fact for many, looks come second to a good sense of humour. The stats are certainly easy on the eye, especially if your wit is sharper than your cheekbones. According to recent research by dating website 86% of female daters revealed they are looking for a man with a good sense of humour, whilst a similar study from shows that 72% of women rate humour above good looks when looking for a partner.

So why do women like a funnyman?
According to relationship expert Marisa Peer it’s because funny men are easy for women to be around. “Funny men are good company. Humans want to be entertained, even kings had court jesters, and at a party we don’t want to talk to heart surgeons or scientists, we want to talk to actors/comedians because we love and need entertainment.”
Rochelle Peachey, founder of transatlantic dating site agrees. “Women feel humour is indicative of a man’s intelligence,” she tells MSN Him, “as he has to be clever to be witty. Intelligence is attractive to women and sub-consciously women feel that funny clever men will ultimately be better providers.”
The old adage that laughter is always the best medicine also rings true here. Laughing makes us feel good about ourselves, so of course, by extension, we naturally feel good in the company of those people who make us smile. This is great news for us guys who weren’t blessed with well-chiselled jawlines. While we might not be a knockout in the looks department, we can be equally as attractive with a killer punchline.
One-liners v wit
Before you head off in search of the big bumper book of jokes, we’ll have to let you in on a secret. Getting a women to laugh isn’t as easy as reeling off a few well-chosen knock-knock gags. So if you’re not naturally funny what can you do to make her laugh? “Don’t try too hard and never tell jokes that are offensive.” Rochelle warns. So you can forget about your usual pub banter when out with mates, it won’t cut the mustard with a lady. And whatever you do, don’t be mean, rude or make her the butt of your jokes – we’re not at primary school any more and it’s not going to impress her.

How to make a woman laugh
“You need to understand what makes her laugh” Marisa advises. “Ask her what she finds funny or try to laugh together by going to a comedy club or watching a funny movie/TV show that she likes. Not only will you be able to find out what she finds funny, but you are also developing a shared sense of humour which is bonding, leading her to believe that you are the right man for her.”
Sometimes, the best way to get a woman to smile is to be able to laugh at yourself. If you’ve done something funny or stupid, tell her about it even if it’s embarrassing. You may feel a little silly at first but it’s guaranteed to make her smile and has the added benefit of showing her that you’re letting your guard down and being yourself around her.
Perhaps the best advice, however, is to just be yourself. Making a woman laugh should be a natural process and if you have chemistry you’ll very quickly find a whole bunch of things you can laugh at together. In fact the more you relax, go out and have fun together, the more things you’ll find to laugh at and you’ll very quickly start developing inside jokes – secret things that only the two of you laugh at that no one else finds funny. This is often the best laughter going and you don’t need to be a stand-up comedian to find it. So be yourself and just enjoy spending time together and in the end you’ll make her smile. It might not be as easy as it sounds, but you never know, you may even have a little fun yourself along the way.