Come Together With Pride And Positive Thinking!

Come Together With Pride And

Positive Thinking!

Grab your teddy, for a comforting embrace, as Patriot Day hits hard at home this week. Wrap it up with some positive thinking and of course all the love you can give.

First let us start off with a bit of remembrance. That old teddy bear we talked about last week is still worth celebrating this week. On Teddy Bear Day, grab teddy and feel the comfort of his fluffy embrace. Send a cute card with a big bear hug to commemorate this furry celebration. Share your love for teddy with all your friends; a buttoned nosed bear can spread all kinds of cheer and love.

Remembrance is the theme this week. On Patriot Day, show your love and pride by remembering those who were lost and celebrate with those who are still here. Don’t let the negativity bring you down, find peace within.

Positive Thinking Day follows two day after on September 13. Let this day be a glass half full kind of a day, by having a better outlook on the events that take you through your day. You will be surprised to find how your positive attitude drives your day in a different way. May be take from what you learn and live everyday on the greener side of the pasture.

When we break it down, this entire month should breathe love into our bodies. We can share love for everyone we know and even the people we don’t know. Sometimes all this world needs is a little bit more love for one another. Let your family and your friends know you’re thinking about them by sending a short email or card with a cute and memorable photo!

With all the work we dedicate ourselves to on a daily basis, never forget to remember the positive people and take in all the love.