Directions are four, says the teacher
Sunrise, sunset
east and west respectively
That the south and north lie
to the left and right of the sun
So the little girl understands.

“Beat the drums of clarion call on all four directions”
so the teacher takes lesson.
North east seasonal rain
south east monsoon
south-east-Asian countries
the north-west bound wind – so she firmly establishes within
the eight directions.

In Mathematics lesson
she uses a compass and draws a circle.
Draws lines
with the help of her learning
that the upper portion of the white-sheet
is north
She finds the four directions.
Drawing two more lines
she marks the eight directions.

Pausing a short while
The little girl
draws many lines intersecting.
So she went on drawing lines infinite
one after another, so close to each other.
Oh, how many a diameter are there
for a circle,
each radius towards different direction

Haven’t they given names as yet
to all these directions
that these lines travel towards
asks she, looking at the teacher.

Don’t scribble in the Maths note
says the teacher
raising the cane.