Do guys really want to be fair and handsome?

Do guys really want to be fair and handsome?
(my point of view)

I like to touch on this topic that “do guys really want to be fair and handsome” because it’s unique and mostly it comes from our own research and experience. This question indeed applicable to all gender but why it’s a question now? Simply because guys are not seems to be body conscious to keep handsome and fair.
Naturally when we flip through the discovery channel, we have been exposed to many varieties of species on earth as closer to our homes. One of the truths is that, any male species are naturally attractive, colourful, awesome and appealing. Example a male peacock has nicer feathers and more grand even fish category. Fortunately all the non-human species mostly looks the same on any soil worldwide. Again fortunately or unfortunately, human species is the only species were never be the same unless twins.
Therefore, males are indeed naturally handsome. Unfortunately it has been from ancient time that males usually work harder and work longer risks their lives to support the females back home. Therefore they do not have much time spent of focusing in grooming themselves. They are more mobile than females, they spend more time outside home compared to females, and thus it makes them difficult to focus into this matter.
When come to skin care, I would say based on my observation, I think not many males are really keen. One of the reasons could be looking or feeling girlish. So I would say type of products applications indeed putting them off to go for it. Perhaps the products or applications should be catered as per their needs or wish.
Overall I would like to conclude that yes man really want to be handsome and fair. Just due to too many constrains and circumstances they were unable to focus on this matter. Not to be surprise that minority males still applying skin care products and spending time and money in keeping handsome. Nevertheless, many males are still looking good, perhaps they would be greater looks if they focus on this matter.