Banana Bread Recipe

This delicious banana bread recipe combines fruit

with nuts to make a tasty snack or afternoon treat


500 g ripe bananas, mashed up

120 g soft butter

85 g sugar

85 g brown sugar

2 beaten eggs

2 tbsp dulce de leche or condensed milk

220 g self raising flour

65 g walnuts

70 g chocolate chips

1 Mixer with the flat beater attachment

1 Rubber spatula

1 loaf pan buttered

1 wooden skewer

Serves: 6 to 8

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 50 minutes


1. Set the oven to 180 degrees centigrade or gas mark 4.

2. Using your spatula spoon the butter into the mixer bowl, follow with the brown sugar, white sugar,

then lower the whisk attachment into the bowl and blend on medium speed for a few minutes.

Then slow down the speed and slowly add in the eggs, the mashed bananas,

the dulce de leche and slowly begin to add the flour, shaking it in little by little then

add in the chocolate chips and finally the walnuts.

Switch off the blender, lift up the whisk head, scrape the mixture off the attachment,

take it off and remove the bowl. And using your spatula give it one final quick mix by hand.

3. Pour the batter into the tin using your spatula spread the mixture into the side of the tin.

4. Place the baking tin into the centre of the preheated oven and bake for roughly 55-60 minutes.

You can check to see if it’s ready by piercing into the centre of the cake with a skewer.

It should come outdry and if so, remove the banana bread from the oven.

5. Allow to cool before cutting and serve with fresh cream!