Definition of strength, love


“This is the definition of strength, love, and pure raw beauty. Mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer halfway through pregnancy with her surprise gender baby. She had one breast removed and underwent chemo while carrying her miracle baby. She was induced at 36 weeks in order to receive more treatment. Baby BOY was born ready to prove to the world his strength he inherited from his strong mommy. He latched on to her remaining breast all on his own and the room erupted in so many emotions. Breastfeeding is such a sacred bond, and this one just makes my heart break and swell at the same time. I am beyond blessed to have met and gotten to know this woman and her family, and so honored she asked me to be there to document these precious moments. Please share, and continue to pray for this family as they go into their next journey together!”
-Katie Murray Photography


Nothing much is happening outside your ‘self’ . It is noises and visuals. Nothing much is happening outside your door, walls and windows, the usual pickle, ingredients may vary. Stay in. Stay focused.

£ove ღ……

£ove ღ……

Cleans the debris from our heart.
Chases darkness from the corners,
Pours out faith and grace
Like water onto dusty gravel,
Much of it lost,
But poured nonetheless.
And it makes hope rise from nothing,
When nothing, or worse,
Has been its only home.

Laugh To Overcome The Blues

Laugh To Overcome The Blues

Gathered at the Tripod Rock with my friends and colleagues for a hiking adventure in the Pyramid Mountain along the wooded trail, I noticed how difficult it was for Fred who is a great thinker and philosopher otherwise, to blend with the group. I kept wondering what it was that kept him aloof. Though he was participating in the conversation and was most informed one in the group of hikers about the trail map we were following.

What I observed was that he did not laugh as much. His smile was measured, never reaching his eyes.

The 4 mile hike took us 3 hours, with several stops, including a snack stop at Lucy’s Lookout. I decided to talk to him. I could see tired lines on his face and asked him how his health was. He said, “Bob, I guess it’s the retirement blues and the shrink has prescribed me 2 aspirins and a dopamine pill at bedtime, lately, which has affected my stamina.”

I was taken aback as Fred is the one who always talked me out of my lows. I suggested him to change the prescription with a simple medicine which will ensure a renewed spurt of fresh energy and induce the happy hormone, dopamine. He smiled and asked, “And what’s that dear Bob?”

“2 seconds of laughter!” I answered and he laughed. Laughter promotes physical and psychological health. Laugh out loud and ignore little follies.

Laughter is an icebreaker. It’s essential to take life easy. Humor serves as societal glue among people binding groups together. Science of Happiness proves that intentional acts of kindness, gratitude and laughter engage us and bring pleasure and meaning to our lives. Spending time with friends, children and pets releases the happy hormone.

One of the hikers came huffing and puffing towards us. He was overweight and was breathless by now. We helped him sit and relax. He said wearily, “If I keep climbing, I will lose the extra pounds.” Fred looked amused and said jokingly, “There’s only one place where you can attain your desired weight.” “Where?” asked the hiker, “On the moon!” replied Fred comically and we all busted out laughing.

The group joined us in the laugh and soon our tiredness dissolved and we were ready to move on. The spring effect on the mountain was mesmerizing, beautiful flowers weaved majestically across the slopes opened up a new vista.

Life is good when we are open to the experiences and have the ability to laugh away our pains. April in Latin means “to open”, so open up to more fun this month, it is the humor month. Cheer your buddies.

Reality of life……….

Reality of life……….plz read………
Life me har kisiki jindegi haseen nahin hoti ……….har kisiko life main saccha pyar bhi nahin milta…………
koi bhi insan na to paison se ya jor jabrdasti sachha pyar nahin pasakta……..chehere ka faida uthake koi sachha pyar bhi nahin pa sakta ……kyon ki chehere ki khubsurati hamesa wese nahin rehti………..
Agara DIL saccha ho ho aur sachhe DIL se pyar karo to ye na paise ki kami hone k baad aur nahi chehere dhalne ke baad bhi humesa wese hi rehti he………
ye humari soch thi…………apki kya he……..share karen…….

Rembrance Delhi Rape

A year ago in-front of his eyes his girlfriend was brutally raped by six bastards in a running bus of Delhi.
He fought till the time he was beaten blue with an iron rod.
They broke his leg,robbed him, snatched his mobile & left him almost naked..
He fought till the time he could. Then on that chilling cold night he was thrown from the running bus along with his girl friend.
They were naked,drained,exhausted & both were bleeding for different reasons.
He tried to stop passing cars & kept on begging for a piece of shawl to wrap his naked girl friend & finally he got it after 40 minutes.
Then he took her to the hospital,admitted her,called the police,called her parents & did every possible co-operation that a true friend should do in the hour of need.
He could have fled from the bus – he did not. He could have left her on the road – he did not. He could have claimed fame & money ( as the father of Nirbhaya who took Rs 25 lakhs from UP CM,a job for his son & many more from many people in his daughter’s name ) – but he did not. He could have claimed his treatment money from Govt – he did not. He could have become the most frequently seen face in the electronic media in exchange of money – he did not.
If this is not friendship then what is friendship??
When the entire country roared for the girl no one thought what this boy had gone through that night.
He is not a film star or a cricketer.
He is Awindra Pratap Pandey a boy from Gorakshapur in UP the boy who loved his girl from the core of his heart.
When this boy is there somewhere in anonymity, why we Indians should celebrate friendship day on 3rd August to copy Americans??
We should celebrate friendship day in India on 16th December to salute the spirit of Awindra who proved what friendship means.
Let 16th Dec be an official friendship day in India.
Am I talking sense??
If yes then please share this & give your opinion here.
Make whatsapp a right platform of social awareness!!
This is a broadcast message
Frwd to all your Frnds

Types of Braces

Types of Braces

Different Types of Braces – You have choices!

Dental technology has brought us to an exciting time with regards to dental braces. There are many types of braces from metal braces to ceramic braces, from tooth-colored braces to clear braces. It’s no longer a stage that is feared by teens everywhere. Many teens almost look forward to getting braces because it signifies a right-of-passage and shows that they’re not a kid anymore. Review the various types of braces below and fill out our braces referral form to the right to get started.

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most commonly used braces and any orthodontist can provide this system of braces. The system involves brackets that are glued to each tooth.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces are are not as visible as metal braces. Ceramic braces are a little more expensive and they’re not as strong as metal braces, but they look great.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are attached behind the teeth so they’re not visible when you smile. Lingal braces are also more expensive than traditional metal braces but the advantages are apparent.

Invisalign braces

Invisalign braces are virtually invisible. These alignment trays are created from molds and can be removed for brushing and flossing. They’re the Cadillac of braces, if you can afford them.

Damon Braces

Damon Braces have an advantage over traditional braces in the fact that they do not require rubber bands. Instead the bracket allows for the wire to slide making them more comfortable.Read

Smart brackets

Smart brackets are the latest technology in braces. Intended to function as a braces system that provides measurements and information which can help reduce the total amount of time that the braces are worn.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating Braces get rid of pesky rubber bands. These high-tech braces deliver quick results without having to visit the orthodontist every other week.

Clear Braces

They blend with the natural color of the teeth by being transparent enough so they don’t show. Check out more on Clear Braces.

Invisible braces

Invisible braces have become an increasingly popular option for people wanting to straighten their teeth without going public.

About the different types Braces

There are many different types of braces that can be placed on the teeth by an Orthodontist.  But braces are a relatively new and unexplored area.  Think about how old mankind has roamed this planet.  And braces have only been around for a little more than 50 years.  They are relatively a new discovery and the types of braces have really exploded in recent years.

In fact braces have gone from the metal attachments all the way up to the newest type of braces in which you can remove them each night; Invisalign braces.  Really the idea of braces has evolved from big apparatus’ like head gear all the way to those which are hidden behind the teeth.  You can now put braces on and off in seconds.  So it is important that when researching the types of braces that are available on the market by licensed Orthodontist, you research with an open mind or a clean slate.

2 Main Types of Braces – Attached and Removable

When you get down to the nitty gritty, there are really 2 basic types of braces when boiled down.  Those that are attached and those that are removeable.  And you may be thinking that the temporary ones (those that can be removed with ease) are going to be the best bet.  But there are both pros and cons that go along with each type of Orthodontic Braces.

The Need for Different Types of Braces

There are so many different types of braces because there are multiple scenarios and factors that will affect the nature of teeth straightening.  Not every case is the same and therefore you cannot use the same treatment on every person needing braces.  Hence the different types!  And with each passing year it seems like Orthodontics as a whole is inventing new or bettering existing methods for straightening teeth with braces.

The type of braces that you need will hinge of a few elements and will also depend on what your Doctor suggests.  You Orthodontist’s approach will be based on how serious your case is.  In some extreme cases, the Orthodontist must have teeth removed, or some may require jaw changes with surgery or head gear.  But with some cases, simple retainers may be used to shape your teeth.  Of course the time need for each case varies greatly.

You’re Opinion Matters

Do not be afraid to voice your opinion regarding the types of braces you are interested in.  If you do not feel comfortable with braces that show, ask about other options like Lingual Braces or Invisalign which are hidden braces.  Or if you want those cool colors go ahead and ask.  Maybe you just want the fastest treatment possible or the cheapest.   After all your Orthodontist is there to make you happy.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces are one of the newest brace types on the market.  These are not braces like you are used to.  Invisalign Braces are not permanent rather they are plastic clear retainers that are worn.  This type of braces is most often used for those who have a simple case of crooked teeth.  How it works is the Orthodontist takes measurements of your teeth, and then sends them out to have plastic trays made.  You wear these plastic retainers for awhile.  On your next appointment, the Orthodontist repeats the process.  This continues over time and slowly with each new Invisalign retainer, your teeth move into position.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisalign Braces


  • They are Invisible hence the name
  • You can easily remove them meals and cleanings
  • They are high tech and your treatment can be computer simulated
  • They will not stain or damage your teeth


  • The price of Invisalign Braces can be high
  • The length of time you wear the Invisalign retainers is the same as traditional types of braces
  • It can take over a month for your Invisalign retainers to arrive
  • Invisalign braces cannot be used on severe cases

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are created by mixing a couple of inorganic materials together to create a new material.  This permanent type of braces is applied by affixing them to each individual tooth. An arch wire then spans the length of the upper and lower set of teeth.  The wire is then tied to the ceramic braces by rubber bands which are also called ligatures.   Ceramic braces are one of the most widely used braces type.

Traditional metal braces are increasingly being replaced by ceramic braces.  They function the same as metal braces but offer a less conspicuous look since the ceramic material is created in a variety of colors to better match your tooth color.  They are also quite tough as the ceramic has the strength of concrete.  Applying ceramic braces is very labor intensive.  This is done in the Orthodontist office.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Braces


  • The ceramic material comes in many shades and thus blends in nicely with your teeth.
  • Ceramic braces are permanently attached and offer a more comfortable experience
  • The material is strong and breaking one is very unlikely
  • The rubber bands can be exchanged with ease
  • Ceramic braces can fit on a high percentage of patients


  • They cost a bit more than metal braces
  • The length you have these installed may last a bit longer
  • Each individual ceramic brace is larger than some of the other types of permanent braces
  • Ceramic braces do have their limitations

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are totally invisible in that they are placed on the inside of the teeth rather than the outside.  It’s a novel idea if you think about it.  Instead of making the color of the braces the same as the teeth like ceramic braces do, Lingual braces try to hide themselves altogether by residing on the inside of your teeth.

It takes a highly skilled Orthodontist to install this type of braces.  Metal brackets are used and the same techniques are applied just on the opposite side.  In reality the Lingual type of braces has more downsides than ups.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lingual Braces


  • Lingua Braces are totally hidden since they bracket is on the inside of the tooth


  • Lingua Braces are irritating to the tongue
  • There are not many Orthodontists who can do this procedure
  • It can take a long time
  • Only a small percentage of people are good candidates for Lingua Braces