Top 32 Bathroom Design Projects

1. Vintage Bathrooms

DIY Network compiles tips from top design experts to help you choose the right style for your classic bath.

2. Combine Colors Like a Design Expert

A little bit of basic color theory, a color wheel and something called the 60-30-10 rule will have you combining colors like an interio…

3. Combine Bathroom Colors with Confidence

Some basic color theory, a color wheel and the 60-30-10 rule from DIY Network will have you combining bathroom colors like an interior …

4. Faucets That Bring Star-Appeal

DIY Network shares information about big-time designers and their inspiring bathroom products.

5. Invest in a Soaking Tub for Your Zen Bathroom

DIY experts explain how installing a soaking tub can give your bathroom an authentic and relaxing Zen-inspired design.

6. Discover the Latest Bathroom Color Trends

From peach to lavender to turquoise, DIY experts weigh in on the hottest colors, trends and palettes for your bathroom.

7. 12 Bathrooms: Ideas You’ll Love

Is it time for a new bathroom? If the answer is yes and you need design ideas, don’t miss these photos of fabulous bathrooms from DIY N…

8. High-Fashion Lights for a Low-Budget Price

DIY Network shares creative advice from lighting experts for a budget-minded bathroom makeover that won’t leave you in the dark.

9. Designing a Zen Bathroom

DIY Network makes it easy to create a Zen bathroom in your home.

10. Kids Put Their Own Stamp on Bathrooms

Getting the little ones involved in designing their own bathrooms makes sense. But there are limits to how much control they should wie…

11. Choose Natural Colors for Your Zen Bathroom

These tips from DIY Network discuss choosing natural colors for a Zen bathroom.

12. Bathroom Upgrades for Suite Success

Creating a master suite that really stands out means adding something extra. Here are some ideas from DIY Network that could also bring…

13. Tips for Creating the Ultimate Romantic Bathroom

DIY Network offers these tips to help you relax into romance in the ultimate romantic bathroom.

14. 8 Steps to the Perfect Bathroom

DIY Network shows how decorating today’s bathrooms calls for a sophisticated mix of colors, materials and hard and soft goods.

15. Secrets to Bathroom Shelving

Open shelving may be just the stylish organizer your bathroom needs — if you follow these expert tips from interior designers.

16. Updating the Medicine Cabinet with a Dose of Style

The modern medicine cabinet has evolved from being just a toothbrush holder with a mirror into a work of art that can be the centerpiec…

17. Designing a Great Kids’ Bathroom

DIY Network offers important safety and decorating advice when designing a kids’ bathroom.

18. Ultimate Yoga Bathroom

Stretch your senses in this oasis bathroom that includes comfy pillows, a water kettle and a roomy bathtub. Add a sitting Buddha statue…

19. A Touch of Tuscany in the Bathroom

Whether you’re seeking Old World glamour or modern flair, you can bring some Italian pizzazz into your bathroom with these expert desig…

20. Remodeling Tips for the Master Bath

DIY Network has tips on how to incorporate luxury into a bathroom remodel.

21. Bold New Fixtures on a Budget

Replacing tired old fixtures is the fastest way to give your bath a bold, new look on a budget.

22. Choosing Serene Color Schemes

DIY Network offer advice on finding the right color palette that will inspire tranquility.

23. Choosing a Bathroom Style

Learn the characteristics that make up today’s varied schools of style, along with design tips from Sheila Bridges to ensure you get al…

24. Tips on Choosing Bathroom Colors

These tips from DIY Network explain how to highlight a bathroom’s design using color.

25. Designing Your Bathroom Around the Vanity

The vanity has evolved from an afterthought into the starting point for your entire bathroom’s design. Here are some expert views from …

26. Tips for Adding Color to a Plain Bathroom

These tips from DIY Network show how to bring vibrant color into a plain bathroom, no matter what your budget.

27. 10 Designer Bathrooms Fit for Royalty

Give your bathroom the royal treatment with these luxurious design ideas from

28. Winning Color Combos in the Bathroom

DIY Network shares four bathroom makeover tips that teach you how to combine colors to create a fresh look.

29. Design Your Bathroom in Glass

DIY Network shares information about the hottest look for the bathroom — glass.

30. A Bathroom That Lets Kids Do It Themselves

DIY Network shows how to use technology to turn a child-challenged bathroom into one that encourages children to be independent.

31. Vintage Bathtubs

Vintage-look bathtubs and decor take you back in time without sacrificing convenience or style.

32. Use Organic Materials in Your Zen Bathroom

DIY Network shows how organic materials like wood, stone and metal can make your Zen bathroom one with the natural world.