Brush up your bedroom etiquette

Agreed, your table manners are perfect to the T but you may need a little brushing up to do regarding your bedroom manners. It is always a good idea to know few sex etiquettes to ensure a pleasant experience. Here’s a look at some of the bedroom protocol screw-ups that men make.

Life is not a movie
While this looks horny in films, ripping her clothes off in urgency will not earn you brownie points. She may not notice during the act, but later she’ll be pissed that her favorite shirt is in shreds.

Taking a break
Unless you are expecting a life-changing phone call, having your phone beeping next to you is a strict no-no. It’s not worth ruining the mood by stopping to pick up the phone.

Not cuddling

Cuddling may not be your favourite thing but getting up and leaving the room immediately is a bad move. Studies have proven that women appreciate and expect cuddling post the act so you should put in the obligatory cuddle time before you get out of bed.

Being selfish
If you want to be known as a good lover, pay attention to your partner’s needs. Ideally, sex should be equally pleasurable for both of you. You may not like lot of things but it doesn’t hurt to make your partner happy. Ideally, giving and receiving should be evenly balanced.

Finishing first
You don’t have to wait forever for her to reach her big O but it is generally a good idea to make sure that your girl orgasms before you do. Studies have proven that as many as 75% of women don’t achieve orgasm while the act and need an alternative form of stimulation to get there. Just make sure to do it before you finish and get too sleepy to help her get to climax.

No foreplay
This is the most important etiquette and will go a long way in enhancing your sex-life. Foreplay doesn’t have start from the bedroom. Men who cuddle and kiss their partners will always have satisfied partners than those who are always looking for a quickie. Most women need extended stimulation in order to reach a state of complete arousal, and foreplay will provide them with the required stimulation.

Mr Messy

Showing up unwashed, unshaven and with bad breath is highly inconsiderate and will have her reaching for the room freshner. Be a little considerate and wash up. If you are the kinds who  likes to spring surprises, make sure this is not one of them