I have made my decision

I have made my decision

One day I asked U-

“Does it make any difference to U

when I am there or may I not be there?”

She replied- “Yes”

I asked How?

She replied because of U I have seen a change

I asked her back- is that much change

She replied Yes

I replied OK

I said to her SAY THANKU TO GOD


which even after by saying so many people u were not here….

I made a decision

Dear GOD :D< big hug” width=”42″ height=”18″>Thank u for giving Me an opportunity

to use my life some moments

to bring some change in some ones life for a good

Than I made my decision and said

“Dear Madam, Thank U for being in my Life

It made me so feel nice

that I was in between cold Ice

I enjoyed each moments spend with U

I enjoyed each smile I saw on Ur face

I enjoyed each sip of drink I had with U


I  enjoyed each comments from U………

Now I think that’s my limit with U

Now, I need to move away from U

I cannot see U without me

That is not possible for U and and and

That is not possible for U….

May if U need my help again

Please feel to contact me on mY number lying with U

Still I will say U r welcome for my help…….

She asked Y so……?

I replied that is how I Live and that is how

I keep mY Life move on for the one to whom I…………..


& that how…..

I have made my decision