Difference between Managers and Leaders

Some comments mentioned for leaders are applicable to managers as well…
A thorough article to gain knowledge and self-audit 🙂
A manager supervises his team to achieve the set objectives, while a leader inspires his team to achieve results.

A manager has mission to accomplish, a leader has vision to see through (Welsh and Welsh, 2005).

A manager work on people to achieve results, a leader work with people to achieve results.

A manager’s aim is to bring out the best results, but a leader’s aim is to bring out the best in people.

A managers carries out organisation’s directives, a leader formulates organisation’s directives.

A manager supervises people for his purpose, a leader guides people for their purposes.

A manager penalises for mistakes done, a leader reviews and correct mistakes.

A manager gives out instruction to his team members on how to do a task, a leader listens to his team members on how they think a task can be done.

A manager directs staff meetings, a leader guides staff in meetings.

A manager controls respect, a leader deserves respect.

A manager gives a speech, a leader gives an oration.

A manager is technical in approach, a leader is analytical in approach.

A manager compensates workers, a leader motivates workers.

A manager is more interested in the work, a leader is more interested in his people.

A manager develops workers’ skills, a leader develops workers’ confidence.

A manager is always principled, a leader is always friendly.

A manager shows consideration, a leader shows empathy.


A manager is needed for most middle and junior level jobs to work with junior workers, unskilled labourers and skilled workers; a leader is needed to guide managers and work with skilled workers and professionals. Most multinationals have leaders in the helm of affairs while small organisations may have managers in the helm of affairs.

Managers are professionals, all they want to achieve is the organisational goals, while leaders are more than professionals, they are politicians, all they want to achive is the development of the whole enterprise.
People work for managers because they need their salary and wages, while people work for leaders because he or she is inspiring them. A managers sees his or workers as surbodinates, a leader sees his surbodinates as colleagues. A leader tells his workers that if they do not do the work right, they will be fired, while a leader will tell his workers that if they do not do the work right he will be fired. While a manager knows the details about the products being produce by his line, a leader knows the details about his team. He knows their names, their birthdays and family members. While a manager talks everytime about the importance of the organisation to workers development, a leader talks everytime about the importance of workers to the organisation’s development.

Organisations like working with effective managers, but workers love working with leaders. When managers leave a team the team remains the same, but when leaders leave their team, the team can never be the same, because managers are managers, but no two leaders are the same