Sachin Tendulkar – Wedding Story

Sachin Tendulkar was batting for the last time. An earth-shattering match, in the history of cricket. When the God bats for one last time, you DO NOT, DO NOT tell a cricket buff to go see a girl for marriage when he wouldn’t even steer his eyes away had you arranged a date for him with Megan Fox. No can do my love.

Other side of the pavilion, when the lady of our match, Pooja hears about him, she instinctively does what we all covertly do – stalks him on Facebook. What she sees – fiasco! Never in a million years is she marrying this guy, ever. Uh Oh! Wrong start…

But you didn’t think that’s how the match was going to end, did you? Sister destiny had a very different proposition in mind.

The first time he saw her, Vishal was bowled away. Before he had clearly seen her face, she bent down to touch his mother’s feet and as she lifted herself up, she brushed aside the cascading waves of hair covering her face in a poetic, breezy stroke. The time in Vishal’s Sachin-Tendulkar-obsessed brain took a rain check and forgot to move on. His heart skipped a beat as he felt an undeniable connection to this ‘match’.

At that very instant, she saw him for the first time. But she was confused. This wasn’t guy she’d stalked and turned down that very instant. Fake profile, had to be! Because he wasn’t someone she was going to turn down, not with the way he made laugh until her stomach hurt and definitely not with the way he could talk to her about everything under the sun and invariably hold her fancy. He was interesting. He was quirky. He was fun. She was shy and he complemented her well. He was someone she could let her guards down with and talk endlessly, as they did for the rest of their first meeting.

Over the next few months, he spoke in a language of love that only she was tutored to understand. Stars aligned as the conversations got more profound and that’s the story of how he met her – a ‘match’ made in heaven.