How to Take Care of Lips

During summers and winters there is need to take extra care of lips to prevent it from becoming dry and chapped. We have recommended some helpful lip care products and natural home remedies that will always keep your lips beautiful. Taking care of lips means cleaning, moisturizing and applying chemical free products for lips. These tips will help both men and women to make their lips look soft and attractive.
22Protect lips from hot and cold weather

Apply lip balms and moisturizing creams that contain sun protection to prevent your lips for becoming dark and dry. Like our normal skin our lip skin does not have protection and hence special care is required. Both hot and cold temperatures can make lips dry and cracked. Hence use products that help to lock moisture to your lips and keep it soft.

Use good lip products

Use good quality lipsticks, moisturizers and scrubs which are free from harmful chemicals. Use products containing natural extracts for making your lips soft and keeping it nourished. Its better to spend a little more and buy good products instead of using chemical product. This will keep your lips healthy and problem free.

Deep clean your lips once a week

It is necessary to exfoliate lips in order to remove dead cells and pollutants from lips. Get a nice scrub which is chemical free and contains useful extracts of fruits and other natural items for deep cleaning of lips. This helps to get rid of impurities and lighter the dark tone of our lips. One can also use a tooth brush or sugar scrub for cleaning lips. These ways are not as effective as scrubs but saves little money. Exfoliate once a week to get clean, clear and beautiful lips.

Moisturize Lips

During extreme cold and hot weathers our lips need an extra care for staying moisturized. Hence apply moisturizer to lips two times a day during such weather condition. Nivea is good moisturizers that contain vitamin E and extracts of natural oils to keep our lips moist. Also petroleum jelly like vaseline helps to keep dry lip away. Since skin of lip is very sensitive to high or low temperatures your lips needs an extra care and hence they should always be covered with moisturizer.

Massage your lips

Massage your lips daily to increase the circulation of blood to your lips. Take an ice-cube and rub it slowly to lips. This will increase supply of blood to lips and make them clear and look red.

Massages are great form of exercise that will make your lips muscles fresh and relaxed.

Eat lip-friendly foods

Fruits, vegetables and healthy foods that provides vitamins and minerals and keeps lip nourished are all lips-friendly food. Spicy and salty food cause inflammation and damage our lip skin. Avoid taking hot coffee, tea and soup. As our lip skin is sensitive hot temperature can prove harmful.

Drink plenty of water almost 8 glass everyday to prevent dehydration in body and keep your lip moisturized. Water will help to keep your hair, skin of lips soft and smooth.

Improve your habits

  1. People who smoke often develop dark lips due to nicotine and tobacco. These items damage are lips. Hence stop smoking from today.
  2. Avoid licking lips because saliva on lips leads to drying of lips.
  3. Stop biting lips. I don’t understand why people start biting lips. This makes lips cracked chapped.
  4. Remember to moisturise lips after you exfoliate or take a bath.
  5. Remove lipsticks before going to sleep.

Take care of lips naturally

  1. Use lemon juice to clean your lips. Acids present in lemon deeply cleans lips removing the dead cells and dirt and making it look fair. Take juice of lemon and rub it to lips for 5 minutes. Wash it with warm water and you will notice that your lips have become clean and clear.
  2. Apply honey for moisturizing lips and keeping it soft. Honey contains properties and enzymes that helps our lip skin to absorb moisture making it smooth and soft. Cover your lips with honey for 15 minutes daily. Repeating this process everyday will prevent your lips from becoming dry and chapped.
  3. Add rose petals to milk cream for keeping your lip fresh and nourished. Vitamins, minerals and moisture keeps our lips healthy.
  4. Aloe vera gel is also a simple but effective way for keeping lips healthy. This gel has anti oxidants that takes proper care of lips. Apply this gel to lips for 15 minutes and then wash it using warm water.