Doctored by Destiny – A Father’s Poem

Doctored by Destiny – A Father’s Poem

The day he laid his eyes on you when you were born, he knew he would love you for the rest of his life. How he could not? You always had the whole of his heart.

The first man you ever truly loved too, your hero, your all. He carried you around in the warmth of his arms, held your pudgy fingers, taught you how to walk. But you grew up too fast, outgrew his lap faster than he thought.

Come 8th grade, your eyes met with that of a boy. A moment of instant recognition, you felt a twinkle, and even a little flutter. But he vanished in a flicker. Years later, doctored by destiny and operated by chance, a radiology exam stitched your fate with his, threads entwined.

Doctors to be, you were both diagnosed with love and the stars aligned. Your fairytale began to unravel, your happily-ever-after loomed in the horizon. But for one man, it wasn’t all flowers and spring.

Daddy’s little princess, you may have found your prince, but what about your king, the one you’re leaving behind? You’re standing at the altar with the man of your dreams, but what about your number One man, the one that reminisces the way he held his baby girl tight and swung her in the air when she was five. He used to sing you lullabies until you fell asleep and now he’s reciting poetry he wrote for you at your wedding day, knowing he’s giving his world away.

He may amass all the wealth there is in this world, but when a king separates from his princess, he is almost always left with nothing at all. Not even the whole of his heart.

“DOCTORED BY DESTINY” featuring Somya and Abhishek is a tribute by The Wedding Story to all the fathers out there who have had to give their little princesses away, who were torn by ambivalence – camouflaging the stinging pain of parting while dancing away at their daughter’s wedding and wishing her a better life, who have had to succumb to frivolous societal conventions and come to terms with the heartache, knowing the voice of their girl that once filled their walls with laughter will now only be heard in echoes, for she will soon belong to another, a new home with new walls that would now adorn her laughter, the one that the old ones would so terribly miss.

This goes out to every father, who with an encompassing hug and a parting kiss on her forehead has achingly bid adieu to his girl saying “Goodbye my Child, may the Gods bless you with all the happiness in the world”.

But daddy’s little princess, how will he ever fill the emptiness you leave behind? How will he ever?