microwave ovens

The Japanese government has decided to dispose of all the ” microwave ovens” in the country before the end of this year n all citizens n organizations that do not meet the requirement, are threatened with fines n prison terms.

The reason for the ban on “microwave ovens” in the land of the Rising Sun was a research by scientists from the University of Hiroshima, where they discovered that “radio waves” cause greater harm to the health of citizens over 20 years, especially when using microwave oven which is more harmful than the American atomic bombs on Hiroshima n Nagasaki in Sept 1945.

According to experts, food heated in a microwave oven has very unhealthy vibrations and radiation.

Indeed, all the largest manufacturers of “microwave ovens” in Japan are being closed where this product is manufactured.

In 2021, the production of “microwave ovens” will be stopped, as announced in South Korea, and China plans to abandon this type of technology in 2023.

A conference on cancer prevention was held at the Kashira Cancer Center n the recommendations made at the end of the conference was, these foodstuffs should be avoided:
1. Refined oil
2. Milk of animal origin (recommended soy milk)
3. Food cubes (chicken broth spices like Maggie and the like)
4. Soda (32 pieces of sugar per liter)
5. Refined sugar
6. Microwave ovens
7. Do not perform mammogram before birth, except echocardiography
8. Very narrow underwear n bra
9. Alcohol
10. Dissolving iced food and then refreezing it
11. Drinking water from the refrigerator in plastic bottles
12. Pills because it changes the hormonal system in women and causes cancer
13. Special deodorants when used after shaving because they cause cancer
14. White Sugar in any form (cancer cells feed mainly on sugar). Cancer patients should avoid sugar from their diet.

According to the recommendations of the conference, they advise to add these to your diet :
1. Vegetables
2. Honey moderately used instead of sugar
3. Plant proteins (beans instead of meat)
4. Two cups of water at body temperature on an empty stomach before brushing teeth
5. The food should be warm and not very hot
6. Aloe vera juice + ginger + parsley + celery + bromalin. We recommend mixing them and drinking them on an empty stomach
7. Carrot juice every day
8. Tomato, garlic n onion with meals

Note :
The American Physicians Association found answers to the cause of cancer:
1. Do not drink tea, coffee or anything hot in plastic cups
2. Do not eat anything hot wrapped in paper or cardboard or in a plastic bag (for example: fried potatoes)
3. Do not eat in plastic or microwave dishes

We wish to note the following:
When plastic is exposed to heat, chemical compounds that can cause 52 kinds of cancer are released.

Thus, you must avoid drinking all kinds of soft drinks such as “Cola, Pepsi, Av, Fanta n all concentrated juices.

Eat fresh pineapples and avoid pineapple juice mixture with Cola because this mixture is deadly as it will cause death to people as they think the reason is poisoning and they are the victims of their ignorance of this deadly cocktail!

Respond to calls through the left ear and better use headphones

Do not drink medicines with cold water

Do not eat heavy food after 7pm

Drink more water in the morning n less in the evening
Do not take a horizontal position (lying down/sleep) immediately after eating

When your phone battery is almost dead, do not pick up the phone, because this radiation is 1000 times stronger than the charged battery.

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