10 Insanely Famous People who never existed

10 Insanely Famous People who never existed
We might be very well in conversant with all these people in the list but what usually doesn’t pop into our heads is that these characters are a figment of one’s imagination but have such an incredible personality that has made them so enormously famous , such that we usually forget that however brilliant they might seem to be, these are just works of fiction.
1. Big Boss
Though he doesn’t make an appearance throughout the series he’s the voice the thunderous voice that controls the whole house , a voice which has settled deep into the hearts of the masses.
2. The Marlboro Man
The Marlboro Man was a figure used to successfully popularize filter cigarettes by Marlboro which were earlier considered feminine.
3. The Common Man
A figure created by R.K. Laxman that depicts the plight of the common man is immensely famous across all media platforms of the day. A commemorative postal stamp was also released for the ‘Common Man’.
4. Mussadi Lal
he popularity of Mussadi Lal stems from how immensely people could relate to him, a common man’s woes brilliantly depicted through Mussadi .
5. Mowgli
The protagonist from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book has become one of the most beloved fictional characters of all times, addressed as the ‘man cub’ by his animal friends he represents the kind of relationship man should be having with the environment.
6. Batman
The anti-hero who is everyone’s favorite , the one closest to reality and not to forget super-cool.
7. Dracula
Hate him or love him but you can’t ignore him, the primary trunk from where all the shitty(Yes, we are talking about Twilight here) and awesome vampire fiction stemmed.
8. Santa Claus
Don’t let your kids read it but Santa is one of the most powerful fictional characters ever created , though no one is sure about the origins(Guild of Major Corporate Houses) of Santa Claus but he is the one fuelling the spirit of Christmas.
9. Yoda
We don’t think words can explain the awesomeness of Yoda, all we can say is “Master!”
10. Amul Girl
The Amul Girl is a satirical cartoon seen on Indian billboards which deals with the ongoing current affairs with clever wordplay.

By: RS Staff