I don’t know what to do?

I don’t know what to do?

I don’t know how I should express myself…


I remember the days U had trusted me

I remember the days U were closer to me

So me too to U

I remember the days we had planned some beautiful times


Then suddenly what happen to U?

U just went away taking Ur decision….to move on different way of Life


Now what the time has came

Some how what happen to U and U returned back to me…


I don’t know how and what to say and express

I feel good and happy to see U again in my life

and afraid to getting heart break again

May this time if such things repeat, may I not be able to sustain


seriously I don’t know what to do?


U says its true Love of Ur because of U r here to me

I doubt for it….

because U r here to get support of my s earlier I use to be of U..


Should I accept U or say U “sorry for non co-operation.”

or should I say U this “I will support U ever s earlier but no space for Love!”


Should I be excited to see U again and complete our incomplete dream
I am afraid of loosing U once again

I truely Love U and don’t want to Loose U!

I know U have some reasons to stay from me!

But even U have atleast few reasons to stay with me!


I don’t know what to do?