A part of me is gone

A beautiful night,
All stars were in sight.
The breeze blowing through my hair.
All I could do was stare
at the beauty of your face,
Knowing I’ve left all time and space.
Then something came over me,
A feeling of death, a parting of the sea.
You embraced me for a while,
Which gave me a permanent smile.

Somehow I knew the journey was over,
I had lost my four leafed clover.
The luck has run out,
My soul screams and shouts.
I’ve lost a lover,a friend and a soulmate.
Paralyzed by a lost love,
And now it’s too late.

Have I done anything to make you flee..
Or are you done taking advantage of me..
Should I have taken a stand..
This is something I truly don’t understand..

Will you ever return, without scarring me and letting it burn..
Was I just a game for you to win,
Or did you actually care deep within

You’ve silently requested time apart,
To leave me with pieces of a broken heart.
Have you forgotten how to care,
To tell me you’ll always be there
Shunning my feelings,
Letting your life keep wheeling.

Do you have the answers to my questions,
Should I leave and learn my lesson

I deserve better than this,
Eventhough I’ll always miss
everything we’ve done under the moon and the sun . . .