“God Resides Where A Woman Is Worshipped..”

“God Resides Where A Woman Is Worshipped..”
She leaves her home, her parents and sometimes even her surname just for you. She cares for you, she works for you, she cooks for you, she smiles for you, she weeps for you and all the stuff she does is for you she is none other than a woman.
First a daughter, then a sister, then a wife and then a mother, she sacrifices for you at every stage of her life.
But what does she get in return??
Humiliation, Harassment, Rapes, Burnt faces by Acid Attacks. Right?
Today she is scared of going smwhere alone, scared of the eve teasers, scared of those hungry eagle eyes who always follow her. She is not safe even in her own country, evn amongst her own people. She has to think around 1000 times whether to take a lift even from a known person or not. Why??
Because she doesn’t want to be a second Damini. She doesn’t want to b get raped and get included in the list of those millions who are still fighting for justice. She doesn’t want her family to see the faces of courts for more than 10 years. She doesn’t want to let her family down because at last its the woman and her family who is blamed for all this bullshit.
Yes she is scared of all this. But that doesn’t mean she is coward or weak. Infact a woman is much stronger than a man.
Obviously, its not an easy task to carry a new life for 9 months in your womb followed by breathtaking labour pain. Right from the birth she is cursed for being a girl. Then from the age of 13, she has to deal with her monthly menstrual cycle sometimes causing immense pain and weakness.
Men can’t even think of that. But thats the wish of our lord to bless her with this pain. Its the indication that even he also thinks that only a woman is worth of giving birth to a new life. She has to deal with it once in every month nd that too ends after almost 40 years.
Not many know that while giving birth to a child, a mother feels the pain equal to that caused by 20 bones fractured simultaneously. Even ahead of all this she bears all d shits given by this world whether it is rape, molestation, dowry murders, acid attacks and many more.
Well the list is endless. So just think what a woman bears in her lifetime. According to some sick minded people it is against their SANSKRITI to allow girls to wear jeans and shorts. Its better for these people to give their so called SANSKARS to der boys for not judging any girl by her outfits.
Her clothing does not indicates about her character. So if a girl is wearing shorts, skirts or jeans, it doesn’t mean she is inviting anyone to molest her. It simply means that she likes to wear it. Every person has his/her own likings or dislikings. Its better to respect that instead of commenting on her character.
In the name of HINDU SANSKRITI, she is not even allowed to enter a temple just because she is on her periods. She cant pray just because she is bleeding. It is said that she is impure at that time. But let me remind you that you all are the result of this same impurity.
And who said that its an impure state when it has been scientifically proved that women are in their purest form at this time. And as for the sake of our SANSKRITI there is a temple in Assam where the Yoni (Vagina) of a goddess is worshipped.
Infact it is clearly mentioned in our VEDAS that ”yatra naarya poojyante tatra vaste devata”( God resides at that place where a woman is respected or worshipped). So its a humble request to all these sanskriti-sticked people to mind their own business. Or if they are still interested in our business, then please go through the Vedas again. They will get to see the real picture of Indian woman.
Let your girls live their lives and follow their dreams fearlessly. They want to fly. Stop applying all these unwanted and unfruitful boundations on them. They are simply not giving any gain to you, nor to them.
Be a responsible father, a protective brother, a friendly husband and a caring son. Give respect and equal status to a woman. That is just enough for her.
Being woman is “Changing the way, the world thinks..”