Tips to Crack Group Discussion

A Group Discussion (GD) is conducted to exchange thoughts and ideas among the members of a group. Generally a topic or situation is given to the group members to discuss it within 10 to 20 minutes. The main purpose of GD is to get an idea about candidates in short term and assess their communication skills, leadership qualities, listening and articulation skills. Below tips can be useful for freshers while attending a GD: Attend the group discussion with a formal dress and make sure that your language is formal too Use your power of expression as a weapon to attract the target audience Don’t use normal phrases like “yar”,”chalta hai”,”CP”,”I dunno” etc Don’t mix-up Hindi and English while speaking. Use formal, plain and simple language Try to hold the attention of the audience Body language and eye contact are also considered to be important Explore your skills; gain knowledge on varied topics, enterprise, forcefulness and other leadership qualities to make a difference among the equally competent candidates

What is a group discussion?

What are the basic things that a group discussion participant should take care of? What are the types of topics offered at group discussion?

What are the criteria for judging a candidate’s performance in the group discussion? What are the advantages of a group discussion?

What are the common group discussion topics?

What are the tips for an effective group discussion?

What are the do’s and don’ts of a group discussion?


Group Discussion