Man is the Supreme creature in the kingdom of the living because of the rational capacities of his discriminative intellect; One, who lives constantly asserting his full evolutionary status as man becomes free from the chains & bondages of all his past impressions.

But…If a man doesn’t read scriptures with the intense desire to know the TRUTH and renouncing all vanity, mere reading of scriptures will give rise to presumptions, egotism and excessive concern with minute details and rules etc.. which will be an encumbrance on his mind like so many knots! That is why, the knowledge from the scriptures have to be known from a proper teacher who not just talk the talk, but walk the talk!

The world is no more than an endless collection of pairs-of-opposites; attractions & allurements of the mind have their foundation in the pairs-of-opposites. Birds kept for long in cages lose all interest to fly away. So too, enmeshed in the thoughts of the fleeting objects, like the hub of a wheel, sunk deep into slush, the intelligence refuses to get released into the endless spiritual space. The aim of a spiritual practitioner is to keep this pairs-of-opposites away & focus on so(Ă)mething far above–the Self.

Identity crisis is reason for all our sufferings. Each one of us plays different roles in life, son, husband/wife father/mother etc. If we get confused in our role in a particular situation, it creates strife. Never lose sight of the gold while admiring the designs of the ornaments! We are all different shapes of the sĂme matter, of the sĂme energy or spirit. Just play the different roles wisely, as an actor plays his roles.

It is not necessary to leave the earth to find the Truth, it is not necessary to leave life to find one’s soul, it is not necessary to give up the world in order to enter into relation with the Divine. The Divine is everywhere, in everything, and if He is hidden…it is because we do not take the trouble to discover Him.

Teach yourself! Call upon the sleeping soul and see how it awakes. Power will come, glory will come, goodness will come, purity will come, and everything that is excellent will come when this sleeping soul is roused to self-conscious activity.

Don’t look forward to the things seen. Look backward to where the seeing begins. You are there before the seeing emerged. Things seen may be many, but the Seer is One.