janta Curfew on Sunday, 22nd March, from 7am to 9pm!

janta Curfew on Sunday, 22nd March, from 7am to 9pm!
Let us know WHY?

WHY 22nd March?
As per Govt. ruling, landing of all International flights in India will be suspended from midnight of 21st March, and no new individuals potentially carrying the novel Coronavirus will enter the country.

Why 14-hr window of 7am to 9pm?
The average life of Coronavirus on objects & surfaces is 12hrs. By following the Janta Curfew and self-imposing ‘social distancing’, we can effectively break the lifecycle & spread of Coronavirus. This can go a long way in reducing the peak spread of Coronavirus in India.
In statistical terms, it is called ‘flattening the Bell curve’ and is said to be the best way of containing this pandemic virus.

So let us all INDIANS resolve to follow this self-isolation for ONE DAY of our lives! Let us make Janta Curfew a success!

And show the world how #IndiafightsCorona