Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in God?

I believe in God’s computer.

So you never pray?

Look, the Creator loaded the program, but that doesn’t mean He has control over his creation. Just as much as the Wright Brothers have no control over the evolution of airplanes. They just wrote the guidelines. For example, the program never specified that in 1914 some men, carved by prejudice, would start a battle destined to shed blood all over the world, but only that man is inherently aggressive and that technical progress would make war increasingly terrible. You see, guidelines.

Man is the draft of a program called human beings. You and I were not planned, we’re nothing but a prototype based on the original model and lacking any individual essence. How you move, how you feel, how you act, how you think – somewhere down the long history line, someone already moved, felt, acted and thought just like you are doing now. In essence we are the same. Only two things set us apart. One is our serial number. Take a Mercedes Benz, for example, there are thousands of them out there, and in engineering they are the exact same. Only the serial number sets their individuality. Our serial number is our face. A series of casual genetic combinations that are utterly unrepeatable.

You see God created the guidelines that sets the limits of our possibilities, all that happens after that, all power of decision is left to complete chance. And that’s the second thing that defines our individuality – the ability to decide. You can’t blame the Creator for the world’s misfortunes, just as much as you can’t thank him for the good ones.

So, do I pray? No, that would be like praying to Edison when a light bull burns out.